Health & Safety Attribute added in Google My Business

Health & Safety Attribute in GMB

Hello guys! How are you coping up with the present global pandemic disease coronavirus? Every person is now tired of this disease because it is growing like anything and affecting a large number of people worldwide. Let me show you data of the COVID-19 pandemic of the entire world. Worldwide data of COVID-19: Cases – […]

Google Ads Policy updated for sensitive events content

Google Ads Policy

Almost 2.3 million searches are performed on Google every second. And the majority of search results contain Google ads. Now Google ads is the best-paid advertisement platform that appears in search results on Google. For digital marketers, Google ads is an effective way to drive relevant and qualified traffic to their website. Through Google ads, […]

Now it’s easy to edit your Google My Business listing directly from Search & Maps.

Google My Business

Google My Business – a vast online marketing platform for your business to manage online presence worldwide. Every listed business on Google My Business has gained a lot in terms of presence, traffic, conversion rate, and revenue to the site. The interesting thing is that it’s free which makes it an affordable marketing tool for […]

Google extended the deadline for mobile-first indexing to get 100%

mobile-first indexing

Who doesn’t know about mobile-first indexing? I guess every webmaster, SEO, website operator, digital marketer, and any person in the field of online marketing would definitely know about it. It is because, for many years, Google has been working on mobile-first indexing to crawl the web pages content on smartphones first than desktop or laptop. […]

Is Affiliate Marketing Dead Due To Coronavirus?

Affiliate Marketing

The current situation is making marketers cry their hearts out. Why would marketers not cry? The economy is down, production has been stopped, lockdown is imposed, people are restricted to go out, etc. What else is left to see? This global disease COVID-19 aka coronavirus has made the entire world a living hell. There are […]