Google clears that it is not slowing crawling sites because of Covid-19.

Google crawling

At present, COVID-19 or coronavirus is in trend throughout the world. Everything is drastically hit by it. Physical-world and digital world both are devastated greatly. You yourself can see what’s going on around the world. New and new topics are being emerged due to coronavirus. Again new topic about Google has come up because of […]

Who is eligible to claim Covid-19 Google Ads Credit and how?

Google Ads Credit

Since the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 a global pandemic, whole world has been lockdown. Due to this pandemic, many small and medium size businesses are struggling to run their businesses. The present situation is becoming very difficult for all the small size businesses to stay in touch with their customers. The economy is […]

Google has added extra options for local businesses to offer during the COVID-19 outbreak.


Presently, the whole world is in chaos and lockdown due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Local businesses have been affected a lot. Due to which people are unable to get the right information. No matter whether you’re a marketer or a customer, the search engine giant Google always tries to enhance the user’s experience. This time […]

Due to the Covid-19 crisis, Google postponed the Google Partners Program until 2021.

Google Partners program

I no need to tell you that the present time is a shaky for all due to COVID-19. This pandemic left the entire world shattered. The whole world has lockdown so that the disease doesn’t spread and subdued. This is the reason many events, conferences, and programs have postponed. I have also discussed them in […]

How machine learning is fighting with COVID-19?

machine learning

The whole world is fighting against the indomitable epidemic Coronavirus or COVID-19. The corona situation is so critical that it has become an unprecedented public health crisis. As you all know that the entire nation is in chaos. And lockdown has been imposed throughout the world to save people from getting into the vicious cycle […]

How COVID-19 is globally changing the digital world?

Digital World and Covid-19

Coronavirus or COVID-19 is out breaking the serious havoc in the world. Day by day it is changing the economy and creating a huge disruption across industries like airlines, tourism, retail sector, transportation and many more. You can see how this virus is making the supply and demand chain fragile. This is clearly visible in […]