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A brief guide for successful persuasive web writing.

Persuasive web writing

As a digital marketer, do you write content to inform visitors about your products & services? After reading your content, do they convert themselves into your potential customers? If yes, then it’s worthy for you. But if it’s ‘No’ then what’s the reason behind it. Have you tried to think about it? Why your contents […]

Pros and Cons of using Logrocket conversion optimization tool

Logrocket conversion optimization tool

In my previous article I talked about various types of conversion optimization tools and another article was on “Fullstory” COT particularly. Now, this article will focus on the “Logrocket” another conversion optimization tool specifically. Here you will get to learn the pros and cons of it. Guys if you want to convert your visitors into […]

Some flaws you need to avoid for your E-commerce in 2020


How many of you are running an e-commerce business? E-commerce is a great platform to boost your business and its products on an online platform across the world. Running an e-commerce business means an opportunity to showcase your business worldwide. But you know what marketers take this business lightly and consider it as a cup […]

Digital marketing strategies to increase sales for 2020.

Digital marketing strategies

A successful digital marketing business is one that gets lots of sales lead generation for business. And every digital marketer wants to generate more and more sales leads. Somehow this becomes the ultimate purpose of the digital marketer. Once you have established your business, all you want is sales lead generation, right! But what you […]

Traffic and Conversion Summit 2020 postponed due to Coronavirus

Traffic and Conversion Summit 2020

Every year hundreds of digital marketing events take place across the world. But you know what is the hub of digital marketers? The hub spot for digital marketers is San Diego, California where majority of digital marketing events and summits take place. Recently, social media marketing world conference took place in San Diego and I also […]

Digital Marketing also gets affected badly due to Coronavirus.

Digital Marketing

Coronavirus or COVID 19 – a life threatening infectious disease has left whole world in ruckus. Whole world has been threatened by this. As per WHO report, 5000 is reported to be a global death and till now Corona has affected around 28 countries badly worldwide. After reading this data what you think COVID 19 […]