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Cogito: the emotional intelligence tool for your business.

Cogito: the emotional intelligence tool

Isn’t it interesting to know the behavior of your customers and perceive the emotions of clients through their speaking patterns, verbal cues, and other social signals? Understanding your customers’ emotions over calls can help you increase your overall sales. The questions which arise here are how to understand the emotions of customers? Is there any […]

How digital transformation will help you to stay ahead in race?

digital transformation

Hi folks! Do you want to stay ahead in the race? Well, I am talking about the race which usually marketers do. Gone are the days, when marketers followed old or traditional methods in their marketing strategy. However, traditional marketing method didn’t bring much success for marketers. And that’s why it has become relevant for […]

5 important tips to use machine learning in digital marketing.

tips to use machine learning in digital marketing

Gone are the days when we would use traditional tactics for marketing business. Now, the world has become more of digitized and we are introduced to many advanced and innovative strategies that can be used in digital marketing. One such tactic is “machine learning”. Yes, guys, it is ‘machine learning’ which is really an advanced […]