Google has updated its gift card policy

Google gift Card Policy

Google Merchant Centre (GMC) is an online platform for all the digital marketers. With this platform, marketers can upload their product listing on various other ecommerce platforms such as Google Shopping, Google Commerce Search, and Google Product Ads. The primary goal of Google Merchant Centre is to allow businesses to upload and maintain product information […]

Googlebot will start support crawling over HTTP/2 sites.

Googlebot will crawl HTTP2 sites

Whenever you visit any site, you get to see the website address which is prefixed by ‘HTTP,’ right. For example, http// Every digital marketer would know that HTTP or HyperText Transfer Protocol (1989) is the crucial element of World Wide Web. It allows your web browsers such as Google Chrome, Browser, Firefox, Apple Safari, or […]

Google Ads Launched a New Report Named Ad Destination Report

Ad Destination Report

The only reason why digital marketers choose to advertise on Google Ads is to attract a lot of audience and potential customers. Do you agree? Guys, advertising anything about your products on Google ads and still you are not able to convert people into potential customers, then what’s the point of advertising at all? This […]

Health & Safety Attribute added in Google My Business

Health & Safety Attribute in GMB

Hello guys! How are you coping up with the present global pandemic disease coronavirus? Every person is now tired of this disease because it is growing like anything and affecting a large number of people worldwide. Let me show you data of the COVID-19 pandemic of the entire world. Worldwide data of COVID-19: Cases – […]

Google Search Activity Cards Upgraded for Shopping, Jobs & Recipes.

Google search activity cards

Are you aware of Google Search Activity Cards? You all would be because every time you go to Google, you use Google Search for just about anything. Right!  However, Google Search Activity Cards are not new, they have been in testing since 2018, and launched in January 2019. With these activity cards, any users can […]