Pros And Cons of using marketing automation

marketing automation

Marketing automation – every digital marketer might have heard this term ones in their lifetime. In the middle of the 2000s, marketing automation started taking shape and now it has become a necessary part of digital marketing. Today, every marketer wants to invest in it. Also, because of the boost it gives and makes a […]

Hyper-Personalization, Why you need it in your marketing.


Personalization is one such term in marketing which I guess every marketer knows about. Why I am saying so because customers like to purchase products from the organization that offers them a personalized experience. Customers also appreciate the method of personalization in marketing. And Accenture study has also revealed that 75% of customers are more […]

Why do your brands need a Reputation Audit?

Reputation Audit

Is your business losing customers lately? Is there any downfall in your marketing method? Are you experiencing a sudden reduction in sales and revenue? Does the online presence of your company is deteriorating? Do you want to know the cause of these issues? If so, then you must gear yourself up to read this article […]

How Artificial Intelligence can provide a seamless customer experience?

Artificial Intelligence

You all will agree with me if I say machines have replaced people, right! Machine technologies are getting smarter every day. And companies across the world are using machines to improve their business performance, customer experience, and engagement. One such technology is Artificial Intelligence which is emerging in the digital market a lot and giving […]

Top 5 ways to use Augmented Reality as marketing strategy

Augmented Reality as marketing strategy

Augmented reality or AR is the buzzword in the digital marketing industry. Every big company such as Apple, Google, and Facebook are adding augmented reality capabilities to their platforms. Can you also use augmented reality as your marketing strategy? Any marketing business can use it. Augmented reality is always a fun, interactive technology that marketers […]

Why you should add a newsletter in your marketing strategy?

newsletter in marketing strategy

Email newsletter – the most underrated concept in digital marketing. Why I am saying it underrated is because today marketers focus on social media platforms and other marketing channels to promote their products and services and communicate with their customers. But the reality is – email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers […]