Why are your lead generation strategies failing?

lead generation strategy

For any business, leads are the most valuable asset like gold. To generate high-quality leads, marketers invest heavily in order to get information about people and convert them into the potential audience. Lead generation can be done in many ways such as filling out an online form, sign up, subscription etc. Every new lead is […]

Let’s Talk About Multichannel Marketing Plans.

Multichannel Marketing

Multichannel marketing, I assume being in a digital marketing world, you might have heard this word a lot. And it should not be anonymous to you because if you do any business you know that where and which locality you are expanding your business to. And multichannel marketing means having a wide number of marketing […]

How to use an SMS marketing strategy to boost e-commerce?

SMS marketing

Did you know text messages get 98% open rate than email marketing? This data simply shows that SMS marketing is exploding the present world. Not every individual keeps his email account open in mobile device. If gets any email he might need to login first to access the mail. But SMS marketing is so simple […]

Google shopping campaign optimization guide for your business.

Google shopping campaign optimization

The word optimization is very crucial for a marketer who is selling products online. In the digital marketing world you always need optimization tactics for your website, social media accounts, and Google campaigns. Though an un-optimized campaign can also bring sales or make money, you should not settle for an un-optimized campaign. So if I […]

Create an effective retail marketing strategy for 2020?

retail marketing strategy

Can you launch retail marketing campaigns without having an effective plan and strategy? Can anyone? The simple answer is no. No one can launch a retail marketing campaign without having a plan. Like digital marketing, the world of retail marketing is fast-paced and ever-changing. However, there is hearsay that claims retail marketing is dead but […]