Do’s and Don’ts for effective E-mail Marketing

E-mail Marketing

Email marketing is not just the buzzword rather it is an important element of the digital marketing industry. In today’s increasing digital landscape, email marketing is the best way to remain top-of-the-mind with existing customers and gain traction with potential customers. Email marketing is a significant method to have direct communication with their audience. According […]

How to get started with Customer Match Marketing?

Customer Match Marketing

Customer data always play a significant role. No matter whether the marketing is traditional or digital, customer data can do wonder for any marketer. What wonder am I talking about? You’re thinking about this! As a marketer, you will always want more and more customers to connect to your brand. But what happens if you […]

How to use influencer marketing strategy during Covid-19?

influencer marketing

The current global pandemic COVID-19 is prevailing everywhere around the world. In my previous articles, I have discussed how COVD-19 is causing destruction to businesses. The economy has already dropped down. Many small businesses are shut off. Marketers are facing a huge loss. This is literally becoming a major problem for all digital marketers right […]

Do you know the difference between marketing strategy and marketing plan?

marketing strategy and marketing plan

Marketing strategy and marketing plan – Both these terms sound the same, right! The two terms are often used interchangeably. And this becomes the problem because people get confused about it. No matter how much you interchange these two terms, but ‘plan’ and ‘strategy’ mean the different things in the world of digital marketing. Both […]

For successful social presence, you need both organic and paid social media marketing

social media marketing

Social media has become the most important part of any digital marketing business. More and more people are connecting with social media day by day that is enabling marketers to invest more in social media marketing. According to statistics, 88% of people trust online reviews from other consumers as much as they trust recommendations from […]

Top 10 paid search updates, you must watch in 2020.

paid search updates

Digital marketing is nothing without SEO and PPC. Do you agree with me? Of course, you have to because both SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay per click) are the significant digital marketing tools. Both bring quality traffic, enhance site ranking, and conversion rates to website. Although you can’t implement both the tools altogether, […]

A complete guide for programmatic advertising

programmatic advertising

The digital marketing industry is fast-growing. Without advertising, digital marketing is almost dead. Marketers use various advertising platforms to earn high profits and revenue. Nevertheless, they don’t seem to satisfy with the results they get from their marketing campaigns. Why does this happen? Maybe you don’t know how to well invest in an ad campaign […]

Now it’s time to create a powerhouse strategy with content marketing.

content marketing

Digital marketing is a vast and dynamic field. It requires great efforts and strategies to win the race. The race here can be won when strategies are applied effectively. Now the question is which strategy to follow? There are plenty of strategies to invest in and which one is more worthy and brings benefits to […]