Soon Google Merchant Center Additional Countries Setting Is Coming.

Google Merchant Center Additional Countries Setting

Hello guys, again I have come up with the new article and new update in Google Merchant Center. Two days ago I talked about Gift & Card policy that Google changed in GMC; I hope you read that article. But you know what interesting thing is? Google Merchant Center is again making changes but this […]

Google showing an “online therapy” box in the search results

online therapy" box in the search results

Anxiety, depression, sadness, melancholy, inactivity, gloominess, to name a few are some most negative words that can affect anyone’s life badly. Even a person is going through a phase of depression might end up his life by committing suicide. Presently, the depression ratio is at peak in the world due to COVID-19 pandemic as well. […]

Google has updated its gift card policy

Google gift Card Policy

Google Merchant Centre (GMC) is an online platform for all the digital marketers. With this platform, marketers can upload their product listing on various other ecommerce platforms such as Google Shopping, Google Commerce Search, and Google Product Ads. The primary goal of Google Merchant Centre is to allow businesses to upload and maintain product information […]

What you need to know about the upcoming Google Algorithm Update?

Upcoming Google Algorithm Update

Google Algorithm Update – this is the most trending buzzword which is dominating the digital marketing world. Every day Google receives over 5 billion searches and this is the reason Google constantly tries to maintain and increase the quality of their search index. In order to obtain this goal, Google launches thousands of algorithm update. […]

Google AdSense added a new feature in “Ad serving” tab for first-party cookies

Google adsense

Cookies are very crucial for websites to store the information of a site visitor in digital marketing space. Whenever you shop on a website, a cookie let website to remember which item you added to your virtual shopping cart. In case you set any presence, cookie will allow website to remember your presence. Basically, cookie […]

Googlebot will start support crawling over HTTP/2 sites.

Googlebot will crawl HTTP2 sites

Whenever you visit any site, you get to see the website address which is prefixed by ‘HTTP,’ right. For example, http// Every digital marketer would know that HTTP or HyperText Transfer Protocol (1989) is the crucial element of World Wide Web. It allows your web browsers such as Google Chrome, Browser, Firefox, Apple Safari, or […]

Google is now showing some featured snippets with how-to schema

Google featured snippets with how-to schema

Whenever you search anything on Google, either you see a box containing information (aka Featured Snippets or 0 Rank) or just top results without containing featured snippets. Google is unpredictable why I am saying this because no one ever knows what it can do. Earlier, Google stopped showing featured snippets on Google search results, but […]

Now Google Ads Performance Planner Will Support Shopping campaigns.

Shopping Campaigns

Google ads – one of the most demanding and used advertising tools in the digital market. Running an online business and earning from it, is only possible if you leverage Google ads in your marketing. Google ads is itself a giant advertising marketing platform that every digital marketer would love to use. As you all […]