Everything to learn about website crawlability


To rank your website on search engines, Google first crawls and indexes your site pages. Crawling is crucial and Google only crawls those website that have “quality content.” If you see crawling also depends upon the quality of content you write. But I’m not here to talk about how you should produce quality content rather […]

Now Google Podcast Manager Allows to Check Podcast Performance in Google Search

Google Podcast Manager

Spoken words have more significance than written words. Do you agree with me? Why I am saying so is because the need to attract people via voice has become crucial especially in the digital marketing world. You just can’t simply write and ask people to read it because no one will do that unless you […]

Google shared issues around canonicalization and mobile-indexing.

canonicalization and mobile-indexing

There has been chit-chatting about issues found in Google indexing since 23rd September in SEO industry. If you are well aware of this then on 23rd September the issue similar to Google bug related to URLs which search engine considered as the canonical URLs. However, there was no confirmation whether Google seriously have bug issue […]

Googlebot will start support crawling over HTTP/2 sites.

Googlebot will crawl HTTP2 sites

Whenever you visit any site, you get to see the website address which is prefixed by ‘HTTP,’ right. For example, http//curvearro.com. Every digital marketer would know that HTTP or HyperText Transfer Protocol (1989) is the crucial element of World Wide Web. It allows your web browsers such as Google Chrome, Browser, Firefox, Apple Safari, or […]

Apple updated the “about Applebot” help documentation page


Like Googlebot, Apple also has its web crawler that is called Applebot. This is very common among Apple users but the term might be unfamiliar to those who don’t know that Apple also has its web crawler. And this time I will talk about Applebot, yes guys, you know why? Because recently, Apple has updated […]

Google extended the deadline for mobile-first indexing to get 100%

mobile-first indexing

Who doesn’t know about mobile-first indexing? I guess every webmaster, SEO, website operator, digital marketer, and any person in the field of online marketing would definitely know about it. It is because, for many years, Google has been working on mobile-first indexing to crawl the web pages content on smartphones first than desktop or laptop. […]