What is the average cost per click on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn Advertisement

It’s a fact that LinkedIn has become the most powerful social media tool for professionals, marketers, and for business. Marketers are using this tool to promote their business products and services in the market. For them, it’s a great advertising marketing platform where they can showcase their goods to the audience at a large level. […]

5 PPC mistakes that will harm your business.

PPC (pay per click) is internet advertising model used for driving traffic towards your websites. In which advertisers paid a publisher when the ad is clicked. PPC advertising model is the extended aspect of digital marketing. But sometimes while implementing PPC model of advertising; marketers or advertisers can do some mistakes that will harm their […]

How PPC works in digital marketing?

Understand How PPC model functions in digital marketing Digital marketing has revolutionized the advertising sector. Each and every type of entrepreneur wants to utilize digital marketing for the promotion of their brand. PPC is the marketing model that is largely utilized by small entrepreneurs who runs small scale industries or startup business. But due to […]