Do you know about the Website PITA score, how to improve it?

Website PITA score

As a website operator, you need to check the performance of your website every time. Publishing posts on site is not just enough; you need to pay attention to other factors also. For example, site traffic, impressions, click-through rate, lead generation, user interface, mobile-friendly site, and website speed. If any of these things don’t provide […]

Some tips to make your visitors spend more time on your website during pandemic?

visitors spend more time on your website

According to studies, it is revealed that 70-96% of website visitors who abandon your website never return. Why I am showing you this data is because as a webmaster your main goal is to convert your website visitors into customers. But how can you achieve this goal when the visitors don’t even stick to your […]

Recent Advances and Improvements in Google Analytics for 2020.

Google Analytics

Updates, improvements, and changes made by Google every year are not hidden from anyone. The tech giant Google makes users, as well as marketers, experience better by introducing some changes and advancements in apps, software, algorithm, tools, etc. And you know what, this year also tech giant made some of the improvements in one of […]

To solve your marketing problem use Design Thinking.

Design Thinking

Digital marketing is a dynamic field that is surrounded by innovations and techniques that keep on changing. It means without having proper understanding, knowledge, and skills you’ll not be able to solve your marketing problems. To run any business (not just marketing) it’s important to better identify, understand, and address the problems that help businesses […]

How social media is using artificial intelligence in 2020?

social media is using artificial intelligence

Believe it or not, Artificial Intelligence is going to rule the entire world in the future. Every business is gradually inclined to adopt AI. We all have become so much dependent on Artificial Intelligence that the process has become skyrocketing. Well, I’m not going to talk about Artificial Intelligence in business rather how social media […]

Pros and Cons of using Logrocket conversion optimization tool

Logrocket conversion optimization tool

In my previous article I talked about various types of conversion optimization tools and another article was on “Fullstory” COT particularly. Now, this article will focus on the “Logrocket” another conversion optimization tool specifically. Here you will get to learn the pros and cons of it. Guys if you want to convert your visitors into […]