Step by step guide to advertise on LinkedIn?

advertise on LinkedIn

Ask anyone – what is the most professional app to promote products to connect with the audience? The only answer you will get is ‘LinkedIn.’ There is no doubt that LinkedIn has become the most preferred platform than any other in the digital world. Professionals, marketers, businessmen, and site owners use LinkedIn worldwide. And LinkedIn […]

How to find where your competitors are advertising?

competitor's analysis tools

Competition! A buzzword which creates an urge in every person to step ahead of their competitor. And somewhere we all want to keep an eye on our competitors: the activity they do, their strategies, projects they work on, and much more. Well, everywhere you’ll see ongoing competition but talking about the digital marketing industry particularly […]

Google blocked over 5,000 bad ads per minute last year!!!

Google Blocked bad ads

Fraudulent ads or phishing activities are part of the digital world and you can’t deny this fact. Ads are a good source of earning by displaying them over the internet before your audience. However, many marketers and businesses earn using bad ads, phishing ads, or ads that don’t abide by policies. This actually harms the […]

What could be the reason for the disapproval of Facebook ads?

Facebook ads

Suppose you’re preparing for Facebook advertising campaign and while advertising you come across a notification saying your ad “doesn’t follow Facebook’s Advertising Policies.” All of sudden, your glorious dream of advertising on Facebook crash down like a ship. And you scream lifting your arms up to the sky. I know it’s a rejection and you […]