How to set social media budget for your business?

social media budget

For every online marketer or business, setting up your social media budget for advertisement is a kind of challenge. Whether you’re a novice in social media campaign or veteran or experienced one, you always have queries or questions to answer, from how much you should expend to and where you should expend it. Do you […]

Programmatic Ads in B2B firms.

Programmatic Ads in B2B firms.

In the present digital marketing world, the most effective and fastest-growing area of advertisement is programmatic advertising. You can say that it’s the largest motor of the online advertising market and the enlarging area of AdTech. Moreover, it connects advertisers with publishers to get targeted, relevant content in front of the most appropriate audience demographics, […]

How you can save your ad from invalid traffic?

save your ad from invalid traffic

Invalid traffic has become a worldwide problem for marketers. All publishers and marketers (including you), are getting some amount of invalid traffic and clicks on their websites, irrespective of size and niche. If I talk about China then China’s total advertising traffic involved 30% of invalid traffic in 2018. Likewise, the US also had a […]

10 Reasons to use Programmatic Advertising in digital marketing.

use Programmatic Advertising in digital marketing.

If your business uses online marketing or digital marketing then you probably have heard about “programmatic advertising” and I am sure you might have asked a question to yourself what is programmatic advertising? Am I right, don’t worry we are going to give answer of your question. Programmatic advertising is the future of digital marketing. […]

How Social Media Advertising works?

Social Media advertisement

Social media advertising refers to the use of techniques and practices of online advertising that target social networking platforms. Social advertising has potential to give huge conversions and sales with lower cost. After advertising on social media you can see the result from first day. Social media advertising is done with two objectives:  To promote […]