How to make a high performing ecommerce website on WordPress?

ecommerce website on Wordpress

Owning a website is a dream of many new comers. Without a doubt, website is an online platform to market your products and services and sell them at a global platform. With the competition sky-high, ecommerce industry is booming in the market at a rapid speed. To bloom in the online industry, you need a […]

Curvearro and its smart marketing approach for young brands

smart marketing

The competition in marketing industry (irrespective of online or offline) is growing sky high with each passing day. With so much on-going competition, it has become quite daunting task for new comers to build their brand in the market. Are you a greenhorn in digital marketing? If yes, you will be unclear about overall marketing […]

Top benefits of Custom e-learning development

custom e-learning development

E-learning has been in the online sector for many decades. And it is now continue growing every day in every sector especially in the digital marketing landscape. Well, gone are the days when one could do everything manually without taking the help of automation. As technology is advancing, marketers are finding ways to do everything […]

Why Do You Need Product Information Management for Your eCommerce?

Product Information Management

Running an eCommerce business is both easy as well as tedious task to perform in digital marketing. As a small scale business, you may manage everything on your own. What if your business grows on a large level and the catalogue of items expand? Now the task to manage products’ information, their listing, pricing, and […]

Top 12 principles of Ethical Marketing

Ethical Marketing

A general understanding is that businesses are simply there to market their products and services and make profits. While this was true till about a couple of decades back, the business world has now transformed massively in this regard due to increasing consumer awareness. Many huge business organizations like Enron, Worldcom, Hollinger International have collapsed […]

Top 7 reasons why your business needs negative reviews too?

negative reviews

Every digital marketer wants to crave for getting positive customer reviews. Right! This is a general tendency of every marketer. Can you guess why? I tell you here. As per research, 88% of consumers rely on online reviews just as much as a personal recommendation. It is true as today, 97% of customers read product […]

Some common sales objections and their solutions.

sales objections

The selling industry is becoming more vibrant these days. Being a good salesperson, you naturally spend a lot of time thinking about your prospective customers whether they would buy your product or not. Sometimes you get good ROI and sometimes you get 0. Why does this happen? Why buyers don’t feel the need to buy […]

To solve your marketing problem use Design Thinking.

Design Thinking

Digital marketing is a dynamic field that is surrounded by innovations and techniques that keep on changing. It means without having proper understanding, knowledge, and skills you’ll not be able to solve your marketing problems. To run any business (not just marketing) it’s important to better identify, understand, and address the problems that help businesses […]

How to get positive customer reviews for your business?

positive customer reviews for your business

Nowadays, it is very common for digital marketers to encounter an online negative reviews about their brand. As a digital marketer, have you ever thought why do you get negative reviews? May be you don’t provide quality products, or quality services, or unable to solve customer queries, or fail to maintain good customer relationship, etc. […]