Some common sales objections and their solutions.

sales objections

The selling industry is becoming more vibrant these days. Being a good salesperson, you naturally spend a lot of time thinking about your prospective customers whether they would buy your product or not. Sometimes you get good ROI and sometimes you get 0. Why does this happen? Why buyers don’t feel the need to buy your products? I tell you why – it is because of sales objections. What the hack sales objection is? Folks, sales objection is quite common in the retail industry. Do you know why these objections come? These objections basically come from customers who are unsure, uninterested or aren’t ready to buy.

In this article, you will be reading out some of the sales objections and their solutions. Just go through them and see if you can implement them in your business.

Common sales objections and their solutions 

Objection 1: “It’s very costly or expensive”

Price tags or product cost is one of the most common concerns or objection you will encounter. Here you need to identify why people think the cost of your product is expensive. Examine if the same product is sold at a cheap price elsewhere or not. If a shopper finds the product the same product elsewhere then you will lose the sales volume for sure. Read the tip below to solve the situation.

Tip to follow: If the shopper feels your product is too expensive then you have to come up with specific benefits that would justify the cost of your product. Otherwise, you can adjust your price if possible.

Objection 2: “I don’t have time right now”

Everybody is busy in their work therefore I would say this objection is really a common one at present. You also have often encountered the situation when customers would tell you that “we don’t have time to see your product”. This becomes a problem because it’s an indirect version of I’m not interested. So how do you tackle this objection? 

Tip to follow: Guys you no need to worry because this is another common problem a lot of marketers face. If this situation happens with you then you can learn about their priorities and their plans for the near future. This will surely help you connect with them again in the future.

Objection 3: “I need to think about it”

As a marketer, you will always encounter the objection like “I need to think about it”. Do you know why this happens? It basically happens when customers don’t feel the need to buy your products. Or when they don’t understand what product you’re actually selling to them. What will you do if this happens with you?

Tip to follow: This is the common objection like others. Don’t waste time displaying the product to customers rather accept their response by saying “I understand” or “No problem” to ease them. Just sympathize with them so that they feel the need to visit your store again.

Objection 4: “I’m happy with what I have now” 

Sometimes we all don’t want changes because what we have right now we are content with it. The same situation you can face by your customers. You hear the sentence from them “I’m happy with what I have now.” With this statement, you get puzzled as to what to say now.

Tip to follow:  You can easily overcome this situation by telling them how much better their life could be with these products. You need to build out their interest in your product.

Objection 5: “You have bad reviews”

Whether you’re in digital marketing or traditional marketing, bad reviews you will face everywhere. However, take it as an opportunity to grow. You should not make your public appearance bad. You need to learn from it and improve for the future.

Tip to follow:  If you encounter the bad reviews objection then you should offer some kind explanation and reassurance to them. Once you explain the issue and what the company is doing to overcome it. I’m sure a prospective customer will surely buy products from you.

The bottom line

Finally, I just want to say that these objections don’t end here. There are endless numbers of objections you will encounter in the market. But the solution is very simple you need to offer them kind explanations, assurance, gifts, packs, etc. This way prospects will find you an authentic and trustworthy company to deal with. Thereby, follow the above tips and do accordingly. 

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