Google shopping campaign optimization guide for your business.

Google shopping campaign optimization

The word optimization is very crucial for a marketer who is selling products online. In the digital marketing world you always need optimization tactics for your website, social media accounts, and Google campaigns. Though an un-optimized campaign can also bring sales or make money, you should not settle for an un-optimized campaign. So if I […]

Reasons for suspension of Google My Business listing and how to resolve it?

suspension of Google My Business listing

If you have an account on Google My Business listing then the worst news you can get here is “suspension of your business listing” from Google My Business. This is actually bad news for your business. Account suspension on Google My Business means loss of traffic to your website and prevention of new and existing […]

Second tier PPC Engine: Everything you need to know.

PPC management tools

We all know that Google AdWords, Yahoo search marketing and Microsoft adcenter are the dominating search engines that bring quality traffic to site. These search engines dominate the marketing industry in terms of traffic, technology, and popularity. However, the competition on these search engines is so vicious that small players or advertisers find it costly […]

Best Social Media Platforms For Small Businesses.

Social Media Platforms

Are you confused about which social media platform is best for your small business? In this article, I am going to highlight the best social media platforms for small business owners. Why? The social media has become a game-changer for in the way you carry your online marketing activities. And every marketer seeks an opportunity […]

Online Marketing: Everything You Need To Know

Online Marketing

Today, almost every person is using the internet for everything- learning, communication, entertainment, shopping, etc. and without internet, I don’t think we can do any of our work. More and more people are coming online today. And this is the opportunity that businesses seek to promote their goods and services online to get more lead […]

Pros And Cons of Dropshipping!


Do you want to start an eCommerce business with low investment and no warehouse and still make a profit? Then Dropshipping is the right online business model for you. It has become a bandwagon for today’s online retailers. However, it might not be a good choice for every entrepreneur. Why? So, if you’re keen to […]