Top 7 reasons why your business needs negative reviews too?

Every digital marketer wants to crave for getting positive customer reviews. Right! This is a general tendency of every marketer. Can you guess why? I tell you here. As per research, 88% of consumers rely on online reviews just as much as a personal recommendation. It is true as today, 97% of customers read product reviews before making a purchase decision. Till now I have been talking about positive customer reviews right. Have you ever thought about negative customer reviews? Many businesses don’t even want to see a single negative customer review on their site which is wrong. I have to tell you guys that negative customer reviews are as important as positive reviews. Do you find it shocking?

If it is so, then here I am going to enlist the top 7 major reasons why your business needs negative customer reviews also. Make sure to read each and every given reason thoroughly.

So let’s have a look below.

7 major reasons why your business needs negative reviews too

#1. Negative reviews let you know about your customer needs

The very first reason why you should also get negative customer reviews is that you get to know about the needs of your customers. The needs and wants vary from one customer to another. Creating a product which is perfect for everyone is kinda impossible. However, it is always possible to create one that is perfect for certain people. And that’s where you get to see negative customer reviews. You might not know but there are many customers who are dissatisfied with your products but don’t bother to leave a review. This is not a good thing at all because unless and until you know their issue, you won’t be able to provide good services to them.

#2. Negative customer review is a sign of authenticity

How many times you see only positive customer reviews appearing on-site you visit to buy products? Sometimes, sites having only positive customer reviews create suspicion in the minds of people. There are many marketers who pay other people to write good reviews about their business. This is actually the wrong activity that many marketers follow to build their brand reputation in the market. In fact, 95% of customers believe that reviews are either screened or fake if they are purely positive. So there can be too much suspicion even with plenty of positive reviews. So make sure your negative reviews are also visible so that people can trust your business and its products & services.

#3. A good way to educate future customers publically

How negative customer reviews can educate your customers? This is what you are asking right. So basically many business websites have FAQs and return policies that people hardly read. And when things go wrong, people blame the company for bad customer service. Therefore, by addressing negative reviews publicly, you can help future customers understand your policies and why your customers make certain business decisions. So make sure you reply to their queries and solve whatever problem they have regarding your products, services, and policies.

#4. Negative reviews receive more conversion rates

Yes, you read it right. Negative customer reviews tend to bring more conversion rates than positive reviews. As per research, businesses with 10-30% negative customer reviews actually receive more than 10 times more leads than businesses with nearly all five-star reviews. It is also true that many people make purchasing decisions after seeing both positive and negative customer reviews. It is simply because people want to know the worst-case scenarios of your products as well. If they feel they can manage worst-scenario then they will surely like to work with you and purchase products from you.

#5. An opportunity to improve your business

What is important for any kind of businesses either it is offline or online marketing? Customer satisfaction, right! Today, customer satisfaction is important more than ever. Big companies spend millions on customer surveys and feedback forms to improve their customer service. And negative reviews are a goldmine that becomes an opportunity for businesses to improve and enhance their business. If a person writes a negative review on your site, other people also read it and might be facing the same problem. So rather than ignoring the reviews try to learn from your mistakes and improve your business and customer experience.

#6. Negative reviews helps generate attention

Positive reviews do generate the attention of people but one single negative review can catch the eye of your customers in a single view. No matter whether the review is good or bad, it increases your brand’s visibility and engagement. Today, customers rely on reviews from other people not just to compare known branded products but also to discover other brands that they did not know before. Many brands follow the strategy to give a 50% discount to those customers who write one-star reviews about them. So it basically generates other customer’s attention to your products.

#7. Demonstrate you are a great service provider

This is the last reason to know why your business needs negative customer reviews. We all know that bad reviews come from unhappy and dissatisfied customers. Any marketer can’t afford to ignore negative reviews from their customers. If they do so then this is a biggest mistake. Try to take it as an opportunity to convert negative feedback into positive by replying to the customer review. When you reply negative feedback to your site, not only it boosts your brand but also brand equity. Thereby, your responses to bad reviews help you win unhappy customers back and also attract new ones.

Final words

So folks, did you understand why your business needs negative feedback also? Every mentioned reason in this article shouts that negative customer review is an opportunity for you to improve your business performance for your existing as well as future customers. There is nothing wrong with getting bad reviews; it shows how authentic your product is. Bad customers increase customer engagement and build trust in your brand. So don’t embarrass in getting negative customer reviews rather reply politely and appreciate customers for writing reviews on your site by giving their precious time to you.

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