Role of Online Reputation Management in digital marketing

Online reputation management

What is ORM? What role it plays in digital marketing? Knowing the answer to these questions has become important to run business online. Let’s face it – whether you’re running a brick and mortar store or online business, maintaining business reputation is crucial. Without maintaining reputation, you can’t think of attracting more customers to your […]

Why Public Relations Matters For Your Branding?

Public Relations

Public relation – the term which we all know about in any kind of marketing business whether traditional or digital, applies to all. Though you all know about public relations, but how many of you actually understand its real meaning? I tell you here – Public Relations is all about sharing the right and relevant […]

The untold SEO tips for Dermatologists

SEO tips for Dermatologists

Nowadays the healthcare industry is at peak, people are getting more conscious about their health and this is the reason that everyone wants to get with doctors or anyone who is professional in the healthcare sector. However, looking at the stats then Dermatology is a very competitive business and high in demand. That’s why it’s […]

How to get positive customer reviews for your business?

positive customer reviews for your business

Nowadays, it is very common for digital marketers to encounter an online negative reviews about their brand. As a digital marketer, have you ever thought why do you get negative reviews? May be you don’t provide quality products, or quality services, or unable to solve customer queries, or fail to maintain good customer relationship, etc. […]

Google announced new Google Partner program requirements!

Google Partner program

Having a Google partner certification or badge is all about maintaining a good online as well as offline reputation in the market. Does your company have Google partner badge? If yes, then this article is for you. Recently, Google has announced many new changes in Google Ads partner program. Many Google advertisers and companies got […]

Do you want to remove bad reviews from your website?

remove bad reviews from your website

Reviews play a great role in our life. They are very important for both customers and businesses. As we all know that online businesses rely heavily on customer’s reviews. If we look at the ratio then 93% of consumers read customers to review before making any decision about a business product. However, online reviews are […]