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Top 10 predictions of Email marketing.

E-mail Marketing

Email marketing – a booming term in the digital marketing arena. Today, all the big leading companies are using email marketing tactics to upgrade their brand interaction with potential customer personas. However, the email marketing landscape is dynamic and marketers who know how to adapt to the new environment basically those marketers who are flexible […]

How to use an SMS marketing strategy to boost e-commerce?

SMS marketing

Did you know text messages get 98% open rate than email marketing? This data simply shows that SMS marketing is exploding the present world. Not every individual keeps his email account open in mobile device. If gets any email he might need to login first to access the mail. But SMS marketing is so simple […]

What are the ways to maintain brand’s authenticity?

brand's authenticity

The digital marketing field is full of information and misinformation too. Somewhere you all feel like striving to see authenticity and honesty in a company. No one wants to purchase products from the company which don’t have authenticity in the brand. Maintaining the authenticity of brand is as important as running a business to survive […]

How to get positive customer reviews for your business?

positive customer reviews for your business

Nowadays, it is very common for digital marketers to encounter an online negative reviews about their brand. As a digital marketer, have you ever thought why do you get negative reviews? May be you don’t provide quality products, or quality services, or unable to solve customer queries, or fail to maintain good customer relationship, etc. […]

What are the pros and cons of Brand24?


Nowadays, social media has become a relevant part of digital marketing because now marketers propagate their business worldwide through social media only. No matter whether the business is small or multinational corporations everyone is using social media to enhance their marketing game. Let me ask you one question here – using social media without having […]

What are the benefits of online customer review?

Online Customer Reviews

Will you buy a product without reading customer reviews? I never purchase any product without reading reviews on it, so do you, right. It is simply because online shoppers (like you and me) want to learn more about experience of other customers. According to research, 95% of shoppers read comments online before making a purchase. […]

5 best business review and rating sites for customers.

Business review and rating sites

Will you buy product from the company which has bad customer’s reviews? No, you’ll not buy. Customer’s reviews play a great role in your buying decision. According to research, 93% of consumers take online reviews into account when making their purchase decision. In digital marketing, we are always asked to leave a review for almost […]