Now Google Ads Performance Planner Will Support Shopping campaigns.

Shopping Campaigns

Google ads – one of the most demanding and used advertising tools in the digital market. Running an online business and earning from it, is only possible if you leverage Google ads in your marketing. Google ads is itself a giant advertising marketing platform that every digital marketer would love to use. As you all […]

Google Ads Launched a New Report Named Ad Destination Report

Ad Destination Report

The only reason why digital marketers choose to advertise on Google Ads is to attract a lot of audience and potential customers. Do you agree? Guys, advertising anything about your products on Google ads and still you are not able to convert people into potential customers, then what’s the point of advertising at all? This […]

Adzooma: The online advertising platform you’ll ever need.

online advertising

Online advertisement is one of the most significant parts of the digital marketing business. Without having proper maintenance, you may end up puzzling in it. No matter whether you’re a small business or a big, you always need a tool to manage your advertisement. If you’re looking for one such tool then ‘Adzooma’ is the […]

Now Some Online Pharmacies can advertise on Google Ads.

Google Ads

Online advertising is a boon for every marketing company. Digital marketers have benefitted a lot from Google Ads. It helps marketers to attract a large number of audiences online and convert them into potential customers. However, there are some ad policies based on which only selected businesses are allowed to advertise. Earlier, pharmacies or drug […]

Improve your business brand with Google ads

Google ads

Do you want to improve your brand awareness? That’s probably a silly question – Of course, you want to. No matter whether the business is traditional or advanced (digital), every marketer is after improving the business’ brand. If you see then, at present, digital marketing is dominating the entire world. Every marketer wants their business […]

Soon Google will introduce a new Business Operations verification program

Google Ads Business Operationas Verification Program

The tech giant Google is known for the innovations and new changes it makes in apps, software, algorithm, or anything. If you’re aware then last month Google introduced ROAS bid simulator in Google ads and also added dark mode in the mobile version of Google ads. I have already written articles on these two updates […]