Now Google Ads Performance Planner Will Support Shopping campaigns.

Shopping campaigns

Google ads – one of the most demanding and used advertising tools in the digital market. Running an online business and earning from it, is only possible if you leverage Google ads in your marketing. Google ads is itself a giant advertising marketing platform that every digital marketer would love to use. As you all know that Google is unpredictable, it can do anything to provide users a great experience, right. Do you know how Google ads is enhancing its users experience? Recently, Google announced that its performance planner tool has started supporting shopping campaigns. As a digital advertiser, are you aware of this update? If not, this article has brought up every possible detail about the recent update of the shopping campaign in Google ads.

Just keep reading the article till the end so that you don’t miss relevant information from this article. Let’s start talking about the update below.

First let’s understand what Performance Planner tool is in Google Ads.

Performance Planner Tool in Google Ads

In Google Ads, Performance Planner is a tool that helps advertisers predict how well their ads will do. However, it doesn’t give any guarantee for improved performances. In fact, the advertiser is only responsible for the performance of his campaign. But any advertiser can forecast his budget more effectively.

In other words, the Performance Planner Tool also lets you create your advertisement spend and see how changes to campaigns might affect key metrics and overall performance.

What you can do with performance planner tool? 

With performance planner tool you can do the following given things:

  • You can see forecasts for your future ad campaigns
  • It helps you understand opportunities in seasonal periods.
  • You can also manage budget across accounts and campaigns.
  • It allows you to explore outcomes by adjusting campaign settings.

Benefits of Google Ads Performance Planner Tool

  • The tool provides you suggestions that can help your campaigns perform better for the same period.
  • You get to see your campaign’s projected monthly and quarterly performance.
  • You can also find out how your spending and performance goals are affected if you change your campaign settings.

Now let’s move on to the recent update of Google ads shopping campaign.

Google ads Performance Planner tool now supports Shopping Campaigns

About two days ago, Google announced that Google ads performance planner tool has started supporting smart shopping campaigns. The tool is now upgraded to support shopping campaigns in Google ads. Here is the official announcement Google made on Twitter and said, “Performance Planner is now available for Shopping campaigns.”

In very simple words, a shopping campaign is a platform that helps you promote your products by giving users detailed information about what you’re selling before they even click your ads.

What is a smart shopping campaign?

This is a little advanced campaign than a simple shopping campaign. It basically combines standard Shopping and display remarketing campaigns and uses automated bidding and ad placement to promote your products and business across different networks.

Let me tell you that the update is perfect for advertisers who are looking to plan the budget more effectively and efficiently.

Move little further and talk about how shopping campaigns can be beneficial for online marketers.

How marketers can plan shopping campaign with performance planner tool?

With this update, any marketer can plan his Shopping campaign with at most ease by using Performance Planner. Have a look at the given points below.

  • Firstly, you can adjust your budget and campaign settings to evaluate their impact on performance.
  • You can also plan for upcoming seasonal periods more effectively.
  • It also helps you manage budget across multiple accounts and campaigns.

Let’s dig deeper and understand how you implement Shopping Ads. Guys, let me tell you that the implementation of shopping ad is only possible if you create a campaign first. Read the section below describing the method to create a shopping campaign.

How to create a shopping campaign?

The process of creating a shopping campaign is very simple and easy. Let’s understand the process below:

  • Before you create a shopping campaign, make sure you have linked your Google Ads account to Google Merchant Center account.
  • After linking the account with Google Merchant Center, now you can use the Google Merchant Center ID when you specify the shopping settings.

There are basically two types of shopping campaigns that you can create using the Google Ads API:

  1. Standard shopping campaign
  2. Smart shopping campaign

So, different types of setting are required to support these types of campaigns.

Let me also tell you that shopping campaigns allow users to see ads that show an image of the product containing title, price, store name, and much more. And when you create a shopping campaign, you will need to set its budget, bidding strategy, and the shopping settings.

The bottom line

Guys, the update that you just read about Google Ads in this article is like icing on the cake for digital marketers. Now it is very easy for marketers to operate shopping campaigns with the help of a performance planner tool. In this article, I have covered everything about the performance planner tool, shopping campaign, and how you can create it. Now utilize the update and make your shopping campaign more effective with the Google ads performance planner tool.

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