Now Google Ads Performance Planner Will Support Shopping campaigns.

Shopping Campaigns

Google ads – one of the most demanding and used advertising tools in the digital market. Running an online business and earning from it, is only possible if you leverage Google ads in your marketing. Google ads is itself a giant advertising marketing platform that every digital marketer would love to use. As you all […]

Now Google Ads Verification Program Required For All Advertisers.

Google Ads Verification Program

Advertisement nowadays has been used by almost every third marketer in the business. No matter how authentic the advertisement is, but it has become a great source of revenue generation in digital marketing. Many marketers take advantage of this and display irrelevant advertisements on a platform like Google AdWords. This kinda became a serious matter […]

‘Privacy SandBox’ of Google will make your Chrome Browser more secure!

Privacy SandBox' of Google

Google Chrome, one of the most used browsers in the world. Around 310 million people of the world population prefer chrome to any other browser. Why, is it the only browser left in the world? You all know why because Chrome is the fastest and secure browser. Though it doesn’t prevent you from website or […]