Top 6 technologies empowering the digital marketing industry


Technology plays a huge role the way marketers do their business today. Not only do marketers, but also the way consumer purchase products online. Today, selling and purchasing products have become much easier since the advancement in technology. With technology at the fingerprint of both consumers and marketers, digital marketing seems to be empowering. In […]

How Google use augmented reality in their Google Search?

augmented reality in Google Search

Augmented reality (AR) is one of the biggest technology innovation took place in 2017. Not only it changed the gamification industry, but also booming the digital marketing sector as well. The uses of augmented reality don’t stop here as the technology is making everything easy and simple Google also clubbed hands together to use AR […]

Top 5 ways to use Augmented Reality as marketing strategy

Augmented Reality as marketing strategy

Augmented reality or AR is the buzzword in the digital marketing industry. Every big company such as Apple, Google, and Facebook are adding augmented reality capabilities to their platforms. Can you also use augmented reality as your marketing strategy? Any marketing business can use it. Augmented reality is always a fun, interactive technology that marketers […]

Upcoming trends of Digital Marketing in 2020.

Digital Marketing in 2020

We all love innovation and trends especially in the field of technology. As the world is going to celebrate 2020 after few days, with the coming of the new year we all will see the upcoming trends in technology with respect to digital marketing particularly. There are many companies that are highly waiting for 2020 […]

Global marketing trends in higher education

marketing trends in higher education

The scope of higher education is increasing day by day. Schools, Universities, private institutes, etc. all have been adopting new and innovative techniques to provide quality education to students globally. If you don’t know then let me tell you that Global factors can affect the future of higher education.  It can impact the way institutions […]

What will be the face of digital marketing after 10 years?

Digital Marketing after 10 years

The marketing that is done with the help of internet is called as internet marketing/digital marketing.  But if we go back in time and recall the first machine that has revolutionized the marketing industry at that is Printing press. It is also called as Gutenberg press. Printing press has gave rise to the print advertising […]