What will be the face of digital marketing after 10 years?

Digital Marketing after 10 years.

The marketing that is done with the help of internet is called as internet marketing/digital marketing. 

But if we go back in time and recall the first machine that has revolutionized the marketing industry at that is Printing press. It is also called as Gutenberg press. Printing press has gave rise to the print advertising books, pamphlets and all sorts of advertising that is done on paper based material press. It became the backbone of marketing industry at that time.  

How it will look after 10 years?

But after the invention of internet everything has changed. The base of marketing industry itself has become much wider.  Old-school marketing methods or strategies have lost their importance.

The internet marketing a.k.a digital marketing brings new methods and techniques of marketing. 

Since the face of marketing has been changed in these past years. So today we are going to discuss what will be the face of digital marketing after 10 years? Let’s get started:

Mobile based marketing trend will dominate:

Yes, it is going to be the most impact on digital marketing trend in coming times. The Mobile will become main focus of marketers and advertisers across the globe.

It is expected because the numbers of smartphone users are rising across the globe.  The brands will utilize the mobile in order to establish the relationship with consumers.

Video marketing is going to rise:

In coming times the trend of video marketing is constantly going to rise. As mentioned above the number of mobile users are increasing due to which mobile browsing will be dominant .

People these days browse internet content with the help of mobile.  Live video streaming an aspect of video marketing is becoming prevalent among the brands and businesses. Live video streaming allows brands to engage with their consumers via virtual space. This will help the brand in developing an emotion of community around their business.

If you are thinking that live video streaming confined to social media only, well this is not entirely true.

There are some marketers who still publish visual content on their website.

If a brand produced organic and high quality videos on their site regularly, they increase the chances to gain more loyal customers for their brand.

This will ultimately improve their conversion rate. 

AR based advertising will going to rise:

Augmented reality (AR) is the technology that imposes a CGI (computer generated image) on a user’s view of the real world hence, providing a composite view. The AR based advertisement is going to be the new face of digital marketing in coming times.

For example AR enabled advertisements let the user can touch the jewellery without visiting to a jeweller shop. 

Apple AR kit and Google lens is the apps which provides the user experience of AR (augmented reality)

Influencer marketing:

The trend of influencer marketing is going to dominate marketing industry in next decade. The influencer marketing involves the famous or known person of their industry/field acts like as advertising agent for brand.

These peoples are called influencers because they influence their followers to use the products and services of a brand that is associated with influencer. 

The influencer marketing is commonly used for establishing relationship with target audience or potential consumers.

The paid promotion of leveraging influencer is good, if your content is trustworthy and organic.

Voice search:

The trend of voice search is already so large. It is definitely going to become the face of dominant digital marketing in next decade.

Approximately 40 percent U.S adults utilize voice search at once per day.  In coming years within the span of 2 -3 years 50 percent of internet searches are going to turn into voice search.

So it is the opportunity for brands and firms to find out the way of utilizing voice searches in their advertising campaign. The marketers and advertisers needs to formulate their SEO strategies and tactics by keeping voice search in mind.

Quality over quantity:

Internet is flooded with various type of content like videos, blog posts, podcasts etc. This frustrates the internet users. They got confused what content needs to surf and what not?

To be very frank these days internet users are suffering plenty of problem, there are so many choices and options are available. 

As a result of this people are boycotting internet especially social media. Blogs are losing readers, Facebook posts are going down and so on.

The people only need to read and view high quality and unique content which have some uniqueness.

Therefore, marketers and advertisers must focus on quality instead of quantity.


On a concluding note we can say that above mentioned factors are going to dominate digital marketing sector in next 10 years. All marketing strategies and tactics are going to be based on them. The challenge for brands and firms is to get synchronize with incoming marketing changes. The brands and firms who are going to live up this challenge successfully they will going to dominate the digital marketing field in coming times.

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