Top 5 ways to use Augmented Reality as marketing strategy

Augmented Reality as marketing strategy

Augmented reality or AR is the buzzword in the digital marketing industry. Every big company such as Apple, Google, and Facebook are adding augmented reality capabilities to their platforms. Can you also use augmented reality as your marketing strategy? Any marketing business can use it. Augmented reality is always a fun, interactive technology that marketers adapt to help their business. From the beginning, augmented reality has always been an emerging trend within marketing and sales strategies. It is a technology that allows brands to provide their customers with a unique experience with the easy tapping into their mobile devices.

As a marketer, you would always want to enhance your brand and sales through mobile devices, right! Today, majority of people use mobile devices to make purchases. And augmented reality is one such tool that helps you drive sales and enhance brand value.

Let’s read how to use augmented reality as marketing strategy.

Following are the top ways to use augmented reality as marketing strategy

#1. Advertising approach ‘try before you buy’

The most important part of any marketing business is advertising. Nowadays it’s very hard for marketers to make people buy their products in one go. Every person wants to try the product before they buy it. Therefore, you must use the ‘try before you buy’ approach into advertising campaigns. The best example of this gamification is in an advertisement. Augmented reality helps people enhance interaction and engage with the product. Here you need to make the users feel empowered and less like they are being sold to. With this approach, you will be able to achieve your goals.

#2. Create a buzz around the brand

The next strategy of using augmented reality is creating a buzz around the brand in the market. However, this strategy is used in indirect sales and in online marketing strategy. As you know that AR is also be used to enhance the status of the brand itself, you can use it to keep your customers happy and satisfied with your products and services. The best example of creating buzz around the brand is Pepsi campaigns taking place at the bus stop. This is a great marketing strategy as it can generate millions of dollars in earned media. Augmented reality helps you stand different, and unique amongst your peers and competitors.

#3. Virtual objects

The virtual object in augmented reality used as a strategy that allows communication between the company and its clients. The most notable example of a virtual object is furniture that people can check how it might look at the home they are planning to buy. Ikea is one such company that runs the campaign of augmented reality so that users can get to see the “objects.” In this case, augmented reality has the purpose of taking the product to the users. This is the best strategy because it not only improves the relationship with their audience but they also gain the trust of their audience.

#4. Augmented information and assistance

Another strategy of augmented reality is information and assistance. Yes, AR provides users with additional information and assistance they are looking for. As a marketer, you can add a digital component on top of your physical location and products. Now customers can easily scan a product or object to get additional information about it. The best example could be a museum that could take advantage of this type of information the most. The visitors at the museum can get information about paintings by simply scanning the artwork. So the AR technology adds value, not just the artwork or product you are selling, but the whole museum/company and the experience it offers to people.

#5. AR transforms the B2B experience

Today, the best technology which is proved to be enhancing customer business relationship is augmented reality. AR has the potential to create amazing improvements along the entire chain of the sales process. Furthermore, AR uses sales tools to allow customers to see and interact with products the way they desire. Thereby AR allows customers to access important information about the product and make a good decision.

The bottom line

There are lots of augmented reality strategies that you can use in your marketing business. I have explained the top strategies above. The augmented reality strategies are one of the driving forces behind sales and marketing innovation. As a digital marketer, you can always use augmented reality in your marketing strategy to enhance your business and give new light to it. Moreover, you can use AR to train your new employees. As per the study, augmented reality is set to be a $50 billion industry by 2024.

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