How Artificial intelligence is changing the future of digital marketing?

future of digital marketing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Digital marketing are two such concepts which don’t want any kind of introduction. These two terms are so prevalent in the digital industry that are making splash in present world. In this article, you’re going to read about how artificial intelligence is altering the future of digital marketing. So this article […]

Some do’s and don’ts when hiring an app developer

app developer

If you’re planning to hire an app developer for your app development needs, then you have probably made a good decision. Because we all are living in the era of technology, mobile, websites, and online business, right. And mobile/web apps are what have occupied our lives to a great extent. That’s why businesses are venturing […]

Major benefits of machine learning in digital marketing

benefits of machine learning

Machine learning is not an anonymous term in present day rather it is a buzz word especially in online marketing. Since the revolution in technology, marketers have become keen about applications and advantageous of machine learning (ML). There are a lot of marketers who might have heard of machine learning, but don’t have an idea […]

Top 6 technologies empowering the digital marketing industry


Technology plays a huge role the way marketers do their business today. Not only do marketers, but also the way consumer purchase products online. Today, selling and purchasing products have become much easier since the advancement in technology. With technology at the fingerprint of both consumers and marketers, digital marketing seems to be empowering. In […]

How intelligent marketers use AI in Marketing?

AI in Marketing

Gone are the days when marketers would do everything on their own and solve customers’ queries on person. Today is the age of vast technology, smart and online marketing. Now marketers are becoming more advanced as the technology is taking place in the world. One such prominent technology is Artificial Intelligence (AI) which marketers are […]

In house marketing vs. outsource marketing, which is better?

outsource digital marketing

As a B2B marketing firm, are you struggling to grow your business? If you’re in that situation, no worries, you’re not alone. There are many other companies that are also facing this problem. Well, nothing is impossible. Everything can easily be achieved with the enhanced performance of sales thorough better marketing.  However, in marketing, companies […]

Why Do You Need to Hire a Business Analyst for your business?

business analyst

Today, the business environment is getting very complex with each passing day. Whether you’re in digital marketing or traditional, as a businessman, you can’t properly manage your work alone or can you? Managing everything on your own won’t work because there will always be something which you may leave behind. Here business analysts have come […]

How Google use augmented reality in their Google Search?

augmented reality in Google Search

Augmented reality (AR) is one of the biggest technology innovation took place in 2017. Not only it changed the gamification industry, but also booming the digital marketing sector as well. The uses of augmented reality don’t stop here as the technology is making everything easy and simple Google also clubbed hands together to use AR […]

Google Duplex technology is live for haircut appointments.

Google Duplex

Today, technology is innovating at a fast-speed than ever before. Everything can be done in a single click or voice via smartphones, right. Google Duplex is one such innovative AI technology that Google introduced back in 2018 in the digital market. Duplex is already used for restaurant bookings and paying for movie tickets. But as […]

Mix the AI with content marketing, what will you get?

content marketing

Time changes and progresses rapidly, are you agree with this? Once upon a time no technology was used, everything was done manually. Now the present era is completely replaced by technologies, machines, and softwares. Looking at the present tech scenario, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a prestigious place in the market and it has already started […]