3D and AR images are not helpful to rank your site

3D and AR images

Digital marketers and SEO Professionals always talk about the importance of optimizing sites to get high ranking on SERPs. For good ranking, all webmasters implement various tactics in sites such as producing unique and relevant contents. They focus more on SEO for making user-friendly site and also using 3D and AR images. As a webmaster, do you think all these tactics will fetch you good rank on Google? I tell you what now webmaster are focusing more on implementing those type of images for getting rank of the site since the time Google asked SEOs and webmasters to pay attention on images. I ask you, are 3D and AR images really helping you getting good rank?

Hi people, in this article you will get to know whether 3D and AR images are helpful for you to get high ranking of your or not. So let’s make a start now.

What actually 3D and AR images are?

3D image is a technique to create an illusion within the image which gives you a real life experience.

On the other hand, AR (augmented reality) image is what provides you interactive experience of a real world environment. Here you see the results in both natural and synthetic light.

Well, to understand the deep concept of 3D and AR images we have to trace the history and learn what Google said about the integration of these images and whether it helps you getting high rank or not.

Last year Google integrated 3D and AR images in mobile search

Last year in the month of May, Google announced the support for 3D and AR images in search results in mobile search. Google said that images are the good way for searchers to discover new content and information and not just in catching attention but also potentially even conversions. It is also people like images content more than text that’s why Google asked SEOs, webmasters, and developers to pay attention to 3D and AR images.

Well, I want to tell you guys that Google’s main purpose is to focus on these, is just to enhance user-experience and providing them the contents which they want. It’s nothing like adding 3D and AR images will fetch good ranking. Read the next section you will get to know the whole story.

Google finally confirms 3D and AR images are not the ranking factor

The plethora of doubts has opened up by Google as it confirms that 3D and AR image don’t fetch you high rank on SERPs. After seeing the queries of SEOs and webmasters, Google recently said that adding support for these type of images to your site won’t help your pages rank better.

Furthermore, John Muller, Google’s product manager tweeted, “No, we don’t” when asked if Google ranks these pages higher because of the 3D image support.

So guys, if you think adding images with 3D and Augmented Reality effect to site fetch you high rank then you’re mistaken. But yes, you might able to derive a higher click through rate and conversion but in any way it’s not at all a ranking factor.

The final words

Guys, I want to conclude this blog by presenting the statement of Google. Google said that “3D and Augmented Reality results help people view your 3D content directly from Google Search results… From this viewer experience, they can either tap a chip to continue to your website or exit to the Google Search results page.” So webmasters don’t blindly add 3D and AR images in thinking of getting high rank its better to start using other tactics to rank well.

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