Top 6 technologies empowering the digital marketing industry

Technology plays a huge role the way marketers do their business today. Not only do marketers, but also the way consumer purchase products online. Today, selling and purchasing products have become much easier since the advancement in technology. With technology at the fingerprint of both consumers and marketers, digital marketing seems to be empowering. In fact, technology is transforming and opening up new business opportunity for online store owners and speeding up the pace of industry growth.


And the good is that if you leverage technology, you can get benefit from that. But what are top technologies that empower digital marketing industry? In this article, I’m going to talk about top technologies helping you empower your digital marketing business.

So, let’s get started.

Here are 6 top technologies empowering the digital marketing industry

1. Personalize technology

Today, consumers want to be treated as individuals and not a group of people. With the advancement of personal-use technology such as mobile device, tablets, voice assistance, they have enabled consumers to perform a range of taste on new channel every day. Brands have to follow omnichannel services interact with their customers on every platform. Let me tell you that 98% of consumers expect consistent business interactions across multiple channels.

2. Virtual reality (VR) & Augmented reality (AR)

The integration of VR, AR and even Artificial Intelligence (AI) into mobile apps is a growing trend to provide shoppers with immersive shopping experiences. Today, consumers find it easy to purchase any new products with VR, AR, & AI technologies as they get to see virtual visualization before making a purchase. Online marketers can use these technologies to improve their relationship with their consumers and provide a more in-depth look into their brand. You can achieve good results for sure.

3. Integration of chatbots

Who doesn’t know about chatbots? They are tiny box providing chat support to people online 24×7. No one has manpower to respond to customer queries 24×7 that’s where chatbots have revolutionized B2C communication. It has made it easy for marketers to solve their customers’ query at any time. As per the study, more than 60% of customer issues can be solved using chatbots. These are intelligent bots that are capable of providing customers with answers to queries. They provide product recommendations and much more through easy to use messaging apps. You can say chatbots are an excellent customer service asset.

4. Mobile adaptability

Today, the majority of traffic to website comes from mobile devices only. The shift from desktop and laptop devices to mobile has seen a significant growth in ecommerce over the past few years. No doubt, mobile adaptability has become a necessity for every online marketer as people have become increasingly reliant on their smartphones. With mobile applications, marketers can connect with customers. And consumers find it more convenient to connect with brands, research products and facilitate purchase order. There is no doubt that mobile technology provides more personalized experience to customers.

5. Blockchain technology

Not only blockchain is in limelight due to bitcoin or etherium, but it is more than that. You would know that blockchain technology is an open ledger that stores the information about transactions, users’ data, and information in a permanent and immutable way. And it is decentralized through peer-to-peer network. When digital marketers use this technology, it helps them save & secure transactions, prevent fraud, improve supply chain management, and generate genuine reviews.

As per the study, the global blockchain market is estimated to grow fast and exceeds $7 billion by 2021. So, if really want to take your eCommerce platform to the next level, consider using blockchain technology in your business.

6. Improved and advanced security

Payments security, data security, and information security should be at peak in digital marketing business. As the industry is prone to threats, marketers keep an eye on security of their customers. According to experts, online payment frauds losses will double in the coming years. They also expect that online buyers will keep opting for websites and payment methods that they find most secure. So, always try to make your website more secure to attract more buyers.

The bottom line

Guys, technologies play a great role in empowering your business. One may also think that new technologies are too sophisticated (which they’re for sure) and highly expensive to use. Let me tell you these technologies are not much expensive. You can easily afford them. Once you leverage these technologies in your business, you will find newer ways to grow your online business by boosting sales and earning good revenue.

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