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Facebook vs Twitter, Which you need to prefer?

Facebook vs Twitter

From Facebook and Twitter, which platform you would like to use for your digital marketing? Both platforms are worth using and have a tremendous number of audiences. We all know that Facebook is the social media giant that started as a social connecting site and gradually became an advertisement platform. And Twitter also introduced as […]

Ways to Measure Facebook Traffic with Using Google Analytics

Measure Facebook Traffic

Google Analytics – a website traffic-tracking tool for every digital marketer. Though the tool is not just limited to tracking website traffic, it has a ton of great uses by which online marketers get to know what’s happening on their website. Some of the features of the tool are monitoring traffic flow, learning what people […]

What is Split Testing Feature for Facebook Ads?

split testing Feature for Facebook Ads

The advertisement has become a bread & butter for every digital marketer. Without advertisement, no marketer can effectively run their business in the digital world. Today, social media is a great place to advertise products and services on different media platforms. If we pick up social media giant Facebook, it is one of the most […]

How to get started with LinkedIn ads for business?

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn – the platform or community of professionals, entrepreneurs, industrialists, webmasters, SEOs, content marketers, digital marketers, thought-leaders, or any other elite term you can think of. Today, the platform has a total of 500 million users since it launched back in 2002. Now if I compare LinkedIn with Facebook then Facebook was launched in 2004 […]

Why do your brands need a Reputation Audit?

Reputation Audit

Is your business losing customers lately? Is there any downfall in your marketing method? Are you experiencing a sudden reduction in sales and revenue? Does the online presence of your company is deteriorating? Do you want to know the cause of these issues? If so, then you must gear yourself up to read this article […]

Google Adwords: Things you should know

Google Adwords

Online advertisements can do wonder for you, right! Online ads so much power that can make your business popular worldwide overnight. This is the reason marketers see online ads as a wide opportunity to grow their business. Many marketers spend a big amount of money on ads to reach their target audience. Though there are […]

Adzooma: The online advertising platform you’ll ever need.

online advertising

Online advertisement is one of the most significant parts of the digital marketing business. Without having proper maintenance, you may end up puzzling in it. No matter whether you’re a small business or a big, you always need a tool to manage your advertisement. If you’re looking for one such tool then ‘Adzooma’ is the […]

Google Ads has introduced new Target ROAS Bid Simulator!

Gogle ads Bid Simulator

As an advertiser how do you get to know how much money you’re making from your ad spent or ROAS (return on ad spent)? Advertising campaigns sometimes become unmanageable if right strategy is not used or implemented properly. Advertisers use various tools to check their campaign performance one such tool is Google Ads. Google ads […]

Things to know when you need to choose PPC agency!

PPC agency

Do you find your PPC ad campaign marketing strategy difficult? Well, setting up and managing PPC strategy is a tedious and time-consuming endeavor. You need to have a lot of knowledge and skills before creating a successful ad campaign for your company’s products.  If you don’t know any specific skills required in PPC ad campaign […]