What is Promotional Marketing and how to use it?

Do you think in this competitive market it is possible to sell goods or services without promotions? As you can understand with name that an activity involved in marketing of any brand, products or services in front of large audiences to boost the sales is called Promotional Marketing. It can be done online or offline. This kind of marketing involved group of strategies which is called as marketing mix.

Promotional Marketing

In every kind of marketing, time is money. If we talk about promotional marketing, long term efforts are required for positive result. If you own a startup then you need some kind of marketing to bring your product in front of target audience. To get the deep knowledge about it keep reading the article. We are here to help you.

What are the goals of Promotional Marketing?

Marketing is not only a word, it has deep meaning itself. Promotional marketing is best to catch the target audiences. Let’s discuss what we can earn with this kind of marketing.

  • Visualize any brand: It is very difficult to introduce your product in the market against the same from another brand. Only with the use of promotional marketing you are able to make your place in the market.
  • Keep in touch with target audiences: Everything needs up gradation, same applied for your product. When you bring some new features and changes in your product then it is important to educate your target audience. By promotional marketing campaign it is easy to update your target audiences.
  • Generate Sales Lead: If you will conduct a professional promotional marketing campaign then it will help you generate more genuine sales leads and convert into potential clients. Ultimately it will boost your product’s demand.
  • Stay Competitive: To be the part of marketing competition its essential to stay competitive by show your uniqueness. Long term promotional marketing campaign is the way to show your charm and win the race.

Types of Promotional Marketing

When we talk about promotional marketing then how we can forget to discuss about the 4p’s of marketing. These work as backbone in any kind of marketing. It involves Product, Price, Place and Promotion. Any kind of Promotional marketing strategy cover this 4p’s of marketing mix. Here in this paragraph we will discuss about the strategy we use in promotional marketing.

  1. Personal Selling: It is most costly type of promotional marketing. In this kind of marketing, communication is established between sellers and buyers directly. It is one of the most successful strategies if it is done correctly.
  2. Advertisement: It plays the most important role in building brand reputation. It has the power to convert consumers into a sales lead. If an advertisement include targeted message then it can turn your lead into a potential customers.
  3. Direct marketing: It is the way to hit the target audiences directly. Direct marketing can be performed through Email marketing, SMS marketing, social media channels etc.
  4. Sales Promotion: According to its name, sales promotion is used to increase sales. This kind of marketing strategy involved free shipping, gift cards, cash backs and much more. With the help of sales promotion you can introduce your new products and can cover new offerings.
  5. Public Relations: Every kind of press release, blogs and interviews comes under public relations. With public relation you can build your product’s image positive and attractive and easily can attract target influence.

Ways to use Promotional Marketing

To implement this in your marketing strategy you need to outline the goals and techniques that will help you in reaching your main ground. Here we will understand the ways to use it in our marketing campaigns. To do so we need to follow below mentioned steps

  1. Find your target audiences: To create highly targeted promotional marketing strategy you need to find who your target audience is, what are their needs and what are the ways to reach them. If you got success in doing so then you win more than half race.
  2. Set your budget: After finding the right target audience you need to set your budget. To run your promotional campaign smoothly you must have an idea about the campaign’s expenses. During campaign you need to spend your budget wisely.
  3. Create your goal: Either your goal is short term or long term, it should be clear. Only after that you can run your promotional marketing campaign.
  4. Choose marketing channel: Again to run your campaign effectively and smoothly, right marketing channel plays a great role. Suppose you are looking to raise the brand recognition then you have to go with social media marketing channel and you want run your campaign to increase sales then go with display advertisement.
  5. Always analyze the campaign results: After implementing each and every strategy at last it is important to analyze the campaign result. With result you can understand what strategy is working and what is not. To make your campaign better and more fruitful must perform this act. 

Key Takeaways

After reading this article I hope you understand well about promotional marketing. Now you can rate your business and able to take step to plan promotional marketing campaign. This is the right time to use this promotional marketing campaign to increase the sales, brand recognition and to differentiate a product. There are different ways to promote your product on different media channels, choose the right one and go for it.

If you are still confused then don’t worry guys, we are here to help you. At Curvearro we lead all digital marketing initiatives for the brand.

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