Amazing ways to get started with Performance Marketing.

Performance Marketing

Today, the online marketing landscape has changed a lot. Why? Because digital marketing is a broad category that brings different kinds of marketing with it. For example, mobile marketing, SMS marketing, social media marketing, online advertisement, PPC (pay per click) marketing, and performance marketing. There are many more categories that come under digital marketing. But […]

B2C marketing ideas to get more genuine leads

marketing ideas

The first and foremost aim of every marketer is to generate more leads. It is quite obvious because lead generation is the only way you can get more revenue to your site. The more the lead generation is, the more ROI (Return on Investment) you will yield from your marketing. With the rapid digitization, businesses […]

How to use an SMS marketing strategy to boost e-commerce?

SMS marketing

Did you know text messages get 98% open rate than email marketing? This data simply shows that SMS marketing is exploding the present world. Not every individual keeps his email account open in mobile device. If gets any email he might need to login first to access the mail. But SMS marketing is so simple […]