How machine learning is fighting with COVID-19?

Machine learning

The whole world is fighting against the indomitable epidemic Coronavirus or COVID-19. The corona situation is so critical that it has become an unprecedented public health crisis. As you all know that the entire nation is in chaos. And lockdown has been imposed throughout the world to save people from getting into the vicious cycle of Corona. At present, the world is becoming a cemetery and a lot of people are dying because of it.

According to recent report by worldometer:

  • Total Coronavirus cases (213 countries) – 2, 084, 486
  • Total Deaths -134,677
  • Recovered – 515, 196

However, people are not the only one who are fighting against Corona but technology also fighting against it. Therefore, a lot of research has been taking place worldwide to fight the virus. Hundreds of research teams around the world are combining their efforts to collect data and develop solutions. Thanks to ‘machine learning’ technology! It is making the work easy for scientists and doctors to discover COVID-19 treatments. Wanna know the significant role of machine learning in combating Coronavirus.

Machine learning also combating against COVID-19.

1. Helping in screening patients and diagnosing COVID-19

Doctors and scientists have been working to reduce the impact of Coronavirus and that’s why they’re conducting a simple, fast, and cheaper test to collect data on a large scale. While machine learning helping diagnose COVID-19 in many ways such as:

  • Doctors using face scans to identify symptoms such as cold, fever, whooping cough, etc.
  • Machine learning is used to screen patients based on self-reported symptoms.
  • Wearable technology (watches) is in use to look for tell-tale patterns in a patient’s resting heart rate.

2. Predicting the risk of infection from COVID-19

Machine learning is an invaluable part of predicting the risks of Coronavirus. It can predict the risk of infection as how likely an individual can be affected by it. It determines via age, social habits, location and climate, general hygiene habit, pre-existing conditions, and frequency of interaction. To identify the risk factors of infection has become easy due to machine learning.

3. Anticipating the spread of infectious disease using social networks

Here machine learning helps people living in remote areas to spread the information about this disease like providing hints about health, disease, symptoms, etc. Once people will know such information they automatically keep themselves away from people who are affected by it. So thanks to the technology that is helping people to know and fight against the giant disease called Coronavirus.

4. Allowing us to understand viruses through protein

To save yourself from this epidemic disease, you really need to understand the spreading cause of it that is protein. How you get sick totally depends upon the protein interacting with our body. Here machine learning model trained with data is used to predict the virus. Furthermore, computational methods are used to identify the protein structure of the virus.

5. Helps in examine to attack the virus

Machine learning helps us to find out the epitopes (cluster of amino) found outside of a virus. However, locating the correct epitopes can be a time-consuming, expensive process and locating epitopes in COVID-19 speeds up the process of developing effective vaccines. Here machine learning such as supports vector machines (SVM) artificial neural networks and hidden Markov models have proven to be faster and more accurate at identifying epitopes than human researchers are.

Final words!

We should thank the technology machine learning because of which we are able to identify, collect data, gain knowledge, and integrate our skills to save many lives both now as well as in the future. If you see then machine learning has become an important tool in fighting against the current pandemic COVID-19.

Hopefully, we all will get rid of this invincible disease soon. For more info get in touch with us till then keep reading and keep sharing.