Google clears that it is not slowing crawling sites because of Covid-19.

Google Crawling

At present, COVID-19 or coronavirus is in trend throughout the world. Everything is drastically hit by it. Physical-world and digital world both are devastated greatly. You yourself can see what’s going on around the world. New and new topics are being emerged due to coronavirus. Again new topic about Google has come up because of it. Do you know what it is about? Recently, Google said something about slowing crawling sites. Wanna know in detail? Read the article till the end.

Let’s jump in.

Before I talk about what Google said on crawling sites, first understand the concept of Google crawling below.

What is Google Crawling?

In very simple words, Google crawling refers to when Googlebot examine your site for new or updated content. Here Google crawlers or search spiders analyze your content on-site pages that are looking for links to the next pages to fetch and index. Their purpose is to examine your site and index them in search engine results.

Google’s recent post on not slowing crawling sites due to COVID-19

Yes, you read it right. In the starting week of May Google shared a post regarding website crawling. In the post-Google said that it is not slowing the crawling and indexing speed due to COVID-19. Actually this is the second time that Google is posting about website crawling. To cover it again, John Muller of Google said, “Google is not slowing crawling sites because of this virus outbreak.”

Someone asked John whether Google reduced the crawling rate for certain businesses or not. Answering this question, John Muller said, “I honestly don’t expect much change overall. For some sites, we’ll crawl less frequently because they’re a bit more overloaded, others we might crawl more frequently. This kind of shift happens from time to time (holiday shopping, summer breaks, elections, etc.). John has cleared it that computers seem to be unaffected by this vicious virus.

Do you know what factors actually affect Crawling?

The internet world is filled with plenty of websites. Do you think every website operator is satisfied with the crawling and indexing? Actually no, many website’s operator site contents aren’t crawled and indexed. Why? There are many factors that affect site crawling. Look at the factors below.

– Domain name

Domain name is very important in ranking the website. You should always use the domain name that has higher authority and traffic. Since the Google panda update, the value of domain name has risen up significantly. Furthermore, domains that have main keywords included in it are given more importance. Furthermore, you have good crawling rate if your domain names have good authority and traffic.

– Internal linking

Another factor that affects crawling is Internal linking. It is a good practice that is aka deep linking. Internal linking is a great way to fetch traffic to your site. The practice of doing internal linking means maintaining active users on your website. This is a good SEO practice. So if your site doesn’t incorporate internal linking to your site, your site crawling will be affected.

– Duplicate Content

This is the most important point to look at here. If you produce content that is irrelevant and unauthentic, then they will consider as bad content. Moreover, if you copy-paste your content and repeat paragraphs. Google will likely ban your site for this practice. Hence, try not to have any duplicate content on your site. So fix it and produce content that is better for crawling and SEO.

– Backlinks

Quality backlinks are important for your websites. The more quality backlinks your site has, the more trustworthy and reputable you are in the eyes of search engines. In case, if you have a good ranking of your site but you’re not able to earn any backlinks for your site, search engines may think that you have low-quality content.

To sum it all up

I hope this is clear to you now that Google is not slowing the crawling process due to COVID-19. And this is the second time that Google is talking about site clawing. Moreover, I have also discussed with you what factors affect your crawling and make your site slower. You just need to implement what is right for your site and rank it on the first page of Google. Coming back to the current situation of the world, COVID-19 doesn’t impact Google and the web world.

Finally, it’s clear that Google is not slowing the crawling process of the site, so act accordingly. Till then get in touch with us for more updates.