Due to the Covid-19 crisis, Google postponed the Google Partners Program until 2021.

Google Partners program

I no need to tell you that the present time is a shaky for all due to COVID-19. This pandemic left the entire world shattered. The whole world has lockdown so that the disease doesn’t spread and subdued. This is the reason many events, conferences, and programs have postponed. I have also discussed them in my previous articles. This time also something happened like that. Another program also postponed due to COVID-19. Curious to know which program is it? It’s Google Partner Program.

Let’s understand about the program in detail.

Google delays Google Partners Program until 2021

Last week of the April month, Google made an announcement to postpone the new Google Partners Program. The program was to take place in June 2020 for the launch of a new partner program but now it is postponed and the new requirements will come until 2021. Coronavirus has negatively impacted business a lot. Therefore Google decided to delay it for one year.

Here’s the statement of Google, “As the circumstances around COVID-19 continue to evolve, we understand this is a difficult time for you, your families, and your business. In light of this, we’ve decided to postpone the launch of the new Google Partners program until 2021.”

New changes announced in Google partner badge program

In February 2020, Google ads announced important changes in its Google partner badge program. Here are the changes include:

  1. Marketers have to maintain a quality score of 70% or higher. This score will be calculated in parts by accepting a certain amount of machine learning recommendations.
  2. Maintain Google ad spends at least $20,000 in the last 90 days. This is twice the current amount.
  3. 50% of users of the company must have updated their Google ads certification in Search, Display, Video, and Shopping.

Do you need the new Google partner badge now?

As the situation is tough, the program has already postponed so partners are no need to earn for the new badge as of now. Nevertheless, the agencies that don’t have a badge or a specialization – Search, Display, Video, or Shopping – can earn them on the basis of existing criteria until the new program launches in 2021. However, Google has not specified the launch date for 2021.

If current agencies don’t have partner status in 2020, they can still earn it. Therefore they no need to meet new requirements until the new changes come in 2021.

Are agencies happy with the new changes made in Google Partner Program?

With the recent changes made in the Google partner program, it is confirmed that many digital marketing agencies are upset and believing that the new requirements are troublesome.

Greg Finn, Partner at Cypress North agency, told Coywolf News in February 2020, “The new Google Partners program now favors compliancy over expertise. He went on to say that while some Google recommendations are helpful, others are downright harmful to the client’s performance.”

This statement clears that some of the agencies aren’t happy with the new changes. However, this is a good move by Google.

Parting words

The disease COVID-19 is making the whole world worse and this is the reason why the programs have been postponed. Still, the changes you see in the Google partner program are good for agencies. Google has already said that the changes will help give and your customers the time need to adjust to the ongoing development. And users will continue to get content, tools, and insights to support moving forward. Thereby, this is good news for the paid search community.

For more updates get in touch with us till then keep reading, stay at home and be safe!!!