Top 10 paid search updates, you must watch in 2020.

paid search updates

Digital marketing is nothing without SEO and PPC. Do you agree with me? Of course, you have to because both SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay per click) are the significant digital marketing tools. Both bring quality traffic, enhance site ranking, and conversion rates to website. Although you can’t implement both the tools altogether, […]

Due to the Covid-19 crisis, Google postponed the Google Partners Program until 2021.

Google Partners program

I no need to tell you that the present time is a shaky for all due to COVID-19. This pandemic left the entire world shattered. The whole world has lockdown so that the disease doesn’t spread and subdued. This is the reason many events, conferences, and programs have postponed. I have also discussed them in […]

Find the right customers through Geo-Targeting!


Well, you no need to worry now! In this article, you’ll learn the ways of how you can find the right customers for your products or marketing campaign through “Geo-targeting”. Yes, you read it right! Geo-targeting is the remedy for you that uses the customer’s specific location to push forward marketing campaigns. It helps you […]