Google AdSense added a new feature in “Ad serving” tab for first-party cookies

Google adsense

Cookies are very crucial for websites to store the information of a site visitor in digital marketing space. Whenever you shop on a website, a cookie let website to remember which item you added to your virtual shopping cart. In case you set any presence, cookie will allow website to remember your presence. Basically, cookie […]

Top 7 ways of advertisement to double your customers without wasting money

ways of advertisement

Marketing and advertisement are two words that go hand in hand. Without advertisement, you can’t sell products in the market, and without selling products you can’t double your customers. Even if you advertise, a lot of money will be invested. As a small marketer, how will you afford to invest in an advertisement? It is […]

Microsoft Advertising Now Supports For Multi-Image Extensions

Microsoft Advertising

Microsoft Advertising is the second most renowned digital advertising platform that comes after Google ads. There are many digital marketers who rely on Microsoft advertising than Google ads. No doubt, this is a great advertising platform. Like Google, Microsoft also tries to enhance its user’s experience by introducing new features in its advertisement section. If […]

Top 5 ways to use Augmented Reality as marketing strategy

Augmented Reality as marketing strategy

Augmented reality or AR is the buzzword in the digital marketing industry. Every big company such as Apple, Google, and Facebook are adding augmented reality capabilities to their platforms. Can you also use augmented reality as your marketing strategy? Any marketing business can use it. Augmented reality is always a fun, interactive technology that marketers […]

As a marketer, everything you need to know about Yelp ads.

Yelp ads

Advertising has become very important in the digital marketing world. Every business owner and marketer looks for an effective advertising platform to advertise their products and great services to people. There are many advertising platforms available such as Facebook, Google My Business, Instagram, PPC, etc. But today, I will not talk about any of these […]