Effective strategies to write Facebook ad copy

Today, Facebook marketing works wonder as majority of world’s population is active on this platform. Attracting customers to sell products becomes much easier here. In fact, here you get all ages and types of customers therefore Facebook advertising becomes a precise audience targeting tool. If you want to really gain something out of Facebook advertising then don’t think short, rather think it as a long-term investment. Sometimes, you might have posted an ad which don’t fetch you strong conversion rate. For that you have to work on creating an effective Facebook ad copy which will help you attract people.

facebook ad copy

Here, in this article, I will talk about effective strategies to write a compelling Facebook ad copy.

Top strategies for writing an eye-catching Facebook ad copy

Create stronger ad copies

Since, you want to attract your audience through ads so that they can convert into lead conversion. Here your ad text copy is as important as the image of your brand. You have to add an attractive looking eye-catching and that might be useless until you use quality content writing. As per the study, colors are very important when it comes to purchasing a product. In fact, around 84.7% people look at the color before purchasing product.

Add a direct call-to-action

Another strategy to involve in writing an effective ad strategy is to add direct call-to-action. Suppose, you created an appealing, attractive, and eye-catching ad copy. And people want to purchase your product for which they will search for a button through which they can proceed further. That’s where you need to add a clear call to action button so that people can take action on your site. Call to action buttons can be of many such as –

  • – Get in touch
  • – Call us today
  • – Buy our product
  • – Contact us

And many more you can add in the list.

Focus on Facebook remarketing

What is remarketing? It is about targeting past customers or audience which left your site without taking any action. The interesting thing is that Facebook advertising has built-in Facebook remarketing making the process to re-publish and retarget users. This becomes little complex process because you have to work on making the impactful ad copy strategy for people who have already interacted with your brand. Through re-targeting you can attract:

  • – Your website visitors from past
  • – Current email subscription
  • – Clients and customers who declined

You can re-target these types of customers who’re interested in your brand. You’ll also get conversion lead to your site.

Ad placement makes a big impact

Ad placement is very important if you’re new to Facebook advertising. You may not be aware because you can make a choice to edit the placement of your ad copy, which ultimately makes a big impact on your campaign. You have a choice to run ads on 4 different locations on Facebook which are:

1. Instagram

2. FB messanger

3. The audience network

4. On mobile & desktop timeline

In fact, you can make a choice between devices also where you can run your ad copy including:

  • – Desktop
  • – Mobile
  • – All devices

Moreover, the ad placement will work depending on the campaign motive like engagement, campaigns, traffic campaigns, etc.

Describe what your ad is about

You’re doing advertisement to sell product, right. People will not get attracted by the mere copy of your ad and take an action. You have to talk about your ad, why you’re offering it, what are its benefits, how it can help people, how quality + cost-effective product they’re getting. So, make sure you talk about everything in your ad copy writing. Unless and until you let people know what product you’re selling and why you’re selling and what benefit it will give your customers, they will not make a purchase.

Let’s sum up

Guys, I have talked about important strategies that you can add in developing effective and creative copies for Facebook ads. Make sure your content creation is unique and meet the requirements of customers. Your goal should be to attract as number of audience as possible. Don’t take these strategies lightly; you have to work on them to achieve your Facebook advertising goals.

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