Google Duplex technology is live for haircut appointments.

Today, technology is innovating at a fast-speed than ever before. Everything can be done in a single click or voice via smartphones, right. Google Duplex is one such innovative AI technology that Google introduced back in 2018 in the digital market. Duplex is already used for restaurant bookings and paying for movie tickets. But as the global pandemic covid-19 hit the entire world, Google seems to advance Duplex for its users to book appointments. Recently, Google has rolled out Google Duplex for some users that will allow users to directly book hair cut appointments. Interesting no?

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In this article, we will dig deeper into more detail on Google Duplex and where Google made the service live. Also, what all devices work with this service. Are you gear up to read the article on Google Duplex? If yes, let’s make a move now.

What is Google Duplex? Understand the technology first.

In very simple words, Google Duplex is a project which Google announced in May 2018 at Google I/O developers conference by CEO Sundar Pichai. He showed how service worked with AI-driven voice. The service is designed to help people make appointments over the phone without any interaction from users. Pichai attempted to show how AI voice could understand the voice of humans. It also responds back with correct answers to the real person’s inquiries and questions.

The interesting thing is that Google Duplex’s voice even put in words like “um” and takes breaks to sound more like human being.

Let’s now move to the update.

Google Duplex technology is now live for a haircut appointment

A few days ago, the VentureBeat site reports that Google made the Duplex technology live for some haircut appointments, for barbershops, salons, etc. This is a great way through which Google can help local businesses that are shorthanded, at least with making appointments. Let me tell you Google has been testing it since 2018 and they used it recently to check whether businesses are open during the lockdown. However, Google Assistant’s AI-powered calling service Duplex is now rolling out its haircut booking feature to some users in the US.

Here are some significant points which VentureBeat wrote on Duplex

  • You can use the Google Duplex feature from any device with the Google Assistant app.
  • Google Duplex provides three treatment options to users: a man’s haircut, a woman’s haircut, or a general haircut.
  • Users need to enter the preferred date, time, and time range to book an appointment.
  • Moreover, users need to provide contact information like name, phone number, and email address to contact them easily.
  • There is no requirement to speak with another human, which makes it a great feature convenient for people who don’t have the time to call themselves.

What are the devices available that support Google Duplex?

The devices made available for Google Duplex when it was launched first are Google Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 2XL, and Pixel 3, and Google Pixel 3 XL phones. But recently, Google Duplex support has started to roll out to any Android devices running version 5.0 or newer.  Moreover, it also started to roll out to Apple’s iPhone that has Google Assistant installed.

Which country users can avail of the services of Google Duplex?  

Currently, Google Duplex works in 48 states in the US as per its support site. There are two US states i.e. Kentucky and Louisiana that do not have Google Duplex support. However, in October Duplex expanded to New Zealand. The unit of Google started a pilot program that started contacting a small number of local businesses via phone.

As per the Venture Beat report, Duplex has expanded to the UK, Australia, and Canada as well. Thenceforth, Google’s support pages also show that it has expanded to India, Mexico, and Spain.

Don’t you want to know how to use Duplex for hair appointment? Yes, keep reading below.

How to set up a haircut appointment with Google Duplex?

To use Google Duplex to book a haircut appointment is very easy. Just follow the process below-

  • First, search for stylist location in either Search or Maps on your phone and then tap on “Request an Appointment.”
  • You have three options: General haircut, men’s haircut, or women’s haircut. Choose any one from these three.
  • Now enter your preferred time, date, and time-range for your appointment.
  • Check whether you have been to that stylist’s location or not before. You also have the option of naming your specific stylist.
  • Finally tap in your contact information such as name, address, phone number, etc.

You’re done! Google Duplex is ready to call the stylist and set up your haircut appointment.

Note: Google has added settings in Google My Business to configure if you want to handle appointments using Duplex for your business. In 2019, Google started opting for business into this automatically.

The way forward

Google Duplex is a great AI technology in present times. The purpose of it could be to help people book an online appointment to save oneself from the hustle of coronavirus pandemic. Duplex makes it clear that it does not call late at night and early in the morning. Also, the Google Duplex haircut appointment feature can be used from any device with Google Assistant App. So what are you waiting for? Just use Duplex and book your appointment.

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