How intelligent marketers use AI in Marketing?

Gone are the days when marketers would do everything on their own and solve customers’ queries on person. Today is the age of vast technology, smart and online marketing. Now marketers are becoming more advanced as the technology is taking place in the world. One such prominent technology is Artificial Intelligence (AI) which marketers are adopting intelligent technology solutions to encourage operational efficiency while improving the customer experience. If you are into marketing sector and not availing the technology then you may be lacking behind in the competitive race. Therefore, you must know how other intelligent marketers are using AI in marketing. In this article, I am going to talk about how use of AI in marketing. If you also want to know, then keep reading the article till the end.

Here I will start with the basics.

AI in Marketing

Let’s understand the concept of AI in Marketing

Simply putting, AI marketing is a smart marketing approach of doing business. With AI marketing, marketers are able to gain comprehensive understating of their target audiences. When you gain insights and data with this approach, you actually drive conversions ultimately easing out the workload of marketing team. However, the impact of AI on digital marketing is huge. But it allows marketers to crunch huge amount of marketing data analytics from emails, social media, and web. Additionally, the insights marketers get in less time frame helps marketers boost their campaign performance and return on investment (ROI).

Now dig little deeper.

The usage of AI by intelligent marketers

In AI marketing, marketers use artificial intelligent technologies to make automated decisions based on data collection, data analysis, and extra observations of audience or economic trends that may impact marketing efforts. In fact, AI tools utilize data and customer profilers to learn how to best communicate with customers to ensure the maximum efficiency. Undoubtedly, AI enhances marketing team and performs more tactical tasks that require less human nuances.

Not only is artificial intelligence important for running successful marketing campaigns, but also help content marketers understand who exactly their target audience is. Content marketing is a best way to create a personal experience for customers/users. In fact, 76% of customers expect companies to understand their needs and fulfil their requirements. Well, this gives marketers and businesses more time to focus on other quality important tasks. The cases which come under AI are:

  • Natural language processing
  • Content generation
  • Real-time personalization
  • Automated decision making
  • Data analysis

Let me tell you that AI is very powerful in marketing as Google also consider this to predict what you’re searching for with great accuracy.

How do you use Artificial Intelligence in marketing?

Now that you have gained enough knowledge about AI, it’s time to know how to use AI in marketing. Let’s read the given points below.

– Helps in understanding customers  

AIM collects customers’ data and information to help marketers understand about their customers. In fact, it is much easier for marketers to understand what their customers’ needs and requirements are. Even marketers can also make customers’ profile to divide people to know who are interested in their products and who are not. This actually helps you to find who all are interested in your products to purchase.

– Leveraging chatbots

Today, chatbots are so very powerful in handling customer queries and solving them immediately. It is an AI powered program that can simulate a conversation with a user in natural language. Chatbot is free and easy to use. Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, and many other social media apps have made it easy for customers to use this feature and solve their queries if they have related to your products. As a business, you can integrate chatbot to solve your customers’ query instantly.

– Content generation

No doubt, the generation of content is a herculean process and takes hours to generate a single content. But how good it will be if your site generates content on its own and you no need to hire any content writer or editor. If this happens, life would be much easier for you as a marketer. Well, you can go with content generation algorithm that can help your site to generate its own content.

– Programmatic ad targeting

Without targeting your customers, you may not be able to generate sales. Therefore, ad targeting is necessary for you as well as for your customers to know what you deal in. However, the traditional way of buying/selling ads is kinda herculean task. With the advancement of technology, ads have become more unique and able to target audience successfully.

The bottom line

At last, I want to say that AI is literally a very powerful tool that every marketer must leverage it in their marketing. If you want to get better results then make sure you adopt AI technology in your marketing. Well, I have talked about AI technology in marketing and how intelligent marketers use it into marketing. Now it’s your time to utilize this technology and take advantage from it. You can also read about our work.

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