Mix the AI with content marketing, what will you get?

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Time changes and progresses rapidly, are you agree with this? Once upon a time no technology was used, everything was done manually. Now the present era is completely replaced by technologies, machines, and softwares. Looking at the present tech scenario, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a prestigious place in the market and it has already started to alter human lives in a different field. One such field coming up is content marketing (the largest segment field of growing digital marketing industry). Shocking or Wondering?  Well, you believe or not, but in recent years, AI has shown enormous potential in content marketing. The growing relationship between AI and content marketing might be puzzling for many of you.

Therefore, this article will help you know the farrago of both AI and content marketing. Also, what result you get after combining the mixture of two components together. Now let’s make a start.

First have a look at the concept of Artificial Intelligence

The term Artificial Intelligence (AI) was coined by John McCarthy in 1955. Put simply, AI is the ability of a computer program or machine to think, work, and learn (4times faster than human). It represents human-like thinking, communication, problem-solving, and learning skills. Moreover, the holistic concept of AI is to build machines capable of interacting with their surrounding by themselves without the involvement of human interference.

Furthermore, to know the integration of AI and content marketing, you need to understand the role of AI in content marketing below.

The role of AI in Content Marketing

Understating the role of AI in content marketing is very crucial for the marketer to invest in. Below given are some ways in which AI works in content marketing.

– Content development

If you want to create simple stories like sports reports and stock updates, then AI can work wonders for you. However, this practice isn’t new for many years this practice has been in use where machines are generating content for humans. And AI too creates content for you. Companies like FOX and The Associated Press have taken full advantage of AI in content marketing. It reduces the workload and saves time to produce content.

– Personalization

Personalization in content is very important because it helps your audience to engage with you. AI makes it easy to create personalized content after gathering a lot of data from customers and website visitors. Once the data is analyzed properly, it will then translate into actionable plans. If you use AI-enabled software, you can track the preferences and behavior of customers which helps to create content.

– Content planning

A lot of time goes into researching and content planning and sometimes it becomes difficult for a marketer to create content that can resonate with their audience. Here AI reduces the amount of time invested in content planning and it easily creates content after examining what customers are after and what kind of content will help you target a new audience.

– Engagement

Here engagement with contents happens with the help of catboats. Chatbots are computer programs that utilize AI to mimic conversation with users. They use machine learning to track and examine every bit of conversation with customers. With chatbots, you receive a higher engagement level because of their capability to gain knowledge of every customer.

Wanna know the future of AI content marketing?

Till now whatever you got to know about AI in content marketing was just a beginning and there is a lot more to come. Artificial Intelligence won’t only confine to content marketing rather it will change how marketing channel works and what skills are needed to flourish in the future. Presently, AI generates educational content and reports. In the future, the needs and requirements of marketers will be different and for that, they will need machine i.e. AI in their marketing strategy. As the intelligence marketing system, AI will help marketers improve their strategies and performance to boost their marketing business.

At present, marketers are utilizing AI to create content that can help them target a large number of audiences and bring them quality traffic to their site. However, some marketers are concern about AI replacing their jobs but nothing would happen like that. AI can serve marketers but will not replace them.

Parting words!

Finally, the bottom line is that when it comes to content marketing. AI can only help marketers to stay ahead and competitive in the marketing field. It improves their content marketing activities, helps them target a new audience, engages customers and produces well-structured & informative content. So when you combine AI with content marketing, you can get desire results from your marketing. As a marketer, it’s high time to start with the AI approach if you want to engage your audience in a meaningful and profitable way.

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