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What are the limitations of social media marketing, how to recover?

limitations of social media marketing

Social media – one of the buzz word in digital marketing. Today, businesses and marketers are utilizing social media platforms to boost their marketing in this digital world. The shift from traditional marketing to digital marketing can be seen clearly throughout the past decade. The main focus of marketers is to get customers to their […]

Do you want to remove bad reviews from your website?

remove bad reviews from your website

Reviews play a great role in our life. They are very important for both customers and businesses. As we all know that online businesses rely heavily on customer’s reviews. If we look at the ratio then 93% of consumers read customers to review before making any decision about a business product. However, online reviews are […]

How to deal with negative comments on social media?

negative comments on social media

The most engaging platform at present is none other than social media. Agree with me? It is a unique public environment that has its own culture and expectations. Not only it helps people express their views and thoughts but it also becomes a platform of opportunity for marketers and brands to promote their products at […]