Google announced new Google Partner program requirements!

Google Partner program

Having a Google partner certification or badge is all about maintaining a good online as well as offline reputation in the market. Does your company have Google partner badge? If yes, then this article is for you. Recently, Google has announced many new changes in Google Ads partner program. Many Google advertisers and companies got an email on 13th Feb about the notable changes coming to Google partners – in order for companies to maintain their Google partner status, now they will have to meet a new set of rules. So are you all gear up to know more about Google Ads Partner Program?

This article is gonna be very informative for every marketer and advertiser so make sure you read it till the end. Let’s get started now.

What is Google Ads Partner Program?

Google Ads partner program was launched in 2013 especially to help agencies enhance their reputation and to give their clients more confidence in their abilities. This program is most important for any SEO or PPC marketing agency. Since the time it’s launched, it’s the first time that Google has announced some big changes to the program. So if you’re partnered with Google then you must pay attention to this.

Some of the big changes in Google Ad Partner Program

Here are some of the new changes taking place in Google Ad partner program:

  • Spend requirements – This change means that Google has doubled the ad spend. It means now marketers have to pay $20,000 USD ad spend for 90 days to show your company has healthy amount of safety. Earlier the amount was $10,000 USD for 90 days.
  • Certification requirements – Earlier company needed 1 user certified in Google Ads who had admin access to company’s Google Ad manager account now the company needs to have at least 50% of its eligible users earn updated certifications from skillshop. 
  • Performance requirements – Earlier partner would evaluate the client’s account to evaluate the report now you can use Google Ads effectively to set up and optimally run campaigns to maximize outcome. You can improve your performance by getting access to ‘Recommendation’ tab.

Reviews of SEM and adviser community on Google Ad spent new changes

Let me tell you that the SEM and advertiser community are not happy with the new changes that’s why Google Ad spend partner program has got negative feedback from advertising companies. The main concern which Google’s partners highlights is that they have to follow all of Google’s new changes and recommendations in order to remain a partner.

Kirk Williams, a Google partner, states on Twitter, “I think the primary concern for the rest of us is that the account recommendations are based on a variety of (potentially problematic) actions for individual accounts… which can now no longer be dismissed and will be counted against our partner statuses.”

Now let’s read how Google clarifies the concerns of partners

To clarify the concerns of the partners, Google says that the partners do not need to do 100% of the performance metrics but rather only 70%. However, this clarification of Google doesn’t make SEMs happy but surely it does lessen the load a bit on those requirements.

On Twitter, Google said, “It’s clear our announcement on changes to the Google Partners program didn’t fully address all the questions and concerns from our partner community. So we’ve provided more information in this article. Thanks for the feedback, and please keep it coming.”

Sum it all up!

Finally, I just want to tell every advertiser and SEM Company that you no need to get fret, first try to carefully review these new changes and prepare yourself to meet the new requirements. Let me also tell you that these new changes in Google Ad partner program will go into effect in June or probably at the end of June 2020, however the exact date is not yet confirmed. So then just wait and thoroughly read and understand the changes. 

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