What are the best e-commerce marketing tools?

Marketing Tools for e-commerce

Online marketing has become the biggest trend in today’s era. Every business or marketer has shifted his focus from traditional marketing to online marketing i.e. E-Commerce marketing. E-commerce marketing is the modern marketing method that is used by websites and businesses to sell their products electronically. It is a very effective method of buying and […]

Ways to attract people to your website with Geolocation!

website with GeoLocation

Physical location or geography plays an important role in targeting audience or potential customers towards marketing campaigns. Nowadays, marketers try many ways to attract customers to the exact place they live in. For this, they use Geolocation as a powerful marketing tool which is being popular day-by-day. With the growing technology, the rise of mobile […]

5 important tips to use machine learning in digital marketing.

tips to use machine learning in digital marketing

Gone are the days when we would use traditional tactics for marketing business. Now, the world has become more of digitized and we are introduced to many advanced and innovative strategies that can be used in digital marketing. One such tactic is “machine learning”. Yes, guys, it is ‘machine learning’ which is really an advanced […]

Why most of the companies prefer“WOOPRA”?

Why most of the companies prefer“WOOPRA”?

Today, in this article, I will talk about “Woopra” a Google analytical tool, which is highly in demand. Most of the companies have been using Woopra to grow their business. They consider Woopra is a future of customer analytics. If we look at the data then it is found that 7,353 companies are using Woopra […]