How to optimize your website for Tablet?

Do you think your website is optimized for tablets? Every website operator does make its website optimized for desktop, laptop, as well as mobile devices. But what about tablets? Today, the majority of people are mobile or tablet-oriented rather than desktop. It is also because no one can carry a desktop with them to work on it. This is the reason that people find tablets useful because they can take them anywhere they want. According to the New York Times report, 75% of web shoppers make a purchase on their tablet.

Did you get a hint from the report? It is clear that if your site is not optimized for tablets then you will restrict a huge amount of people visiting your site. Unless and until your site is optimized for tablets, people will not enjoy it while visiting your site. So if you want to provide a good user experience then make sure to optimize a site for tablet.

Below I will share some of the best tactic to optimize site for tablet, read on.

Some effective ways to optimize your website for tablet

#Help buyers access the “Buy” button quicker

People mostly use tablets to search for products they want to buy. It is easy for them to see the products on Tablets than mobile devices. As per the study, 49 % of tablet owners said they plan to buy more via their devices in the coming year. It shows the excitement in customers to use their tablet devices to make purchases. Therefore, you need to optimize your website in such a way that users can easily find the ‘buy’ button and make a purchase. If the buying button is not visible or accessible then you might lose a good amount of customers in the future.

#Provide zooming capability and retool image

It is obvious that if you selling any product then you will also put some images showing that product. It is easy to use a tablet with fingers, if users are visiting your site and click on any image and zoom it out to have a clear picture then make sure your picture gets easily opened. Let users rotate images with their fingers, or hold their finger on or tap an image to load a bigger image. These are a few important things you must add to your site as well as within the search engine results page. Be sure to use high-quality, clearly focused product images and other photos on your site.

#Provide eminent placement to the search box

Every tablet user can benefit because they have a good big screen to look at. They can easily locate and find whatever they want to in the search box. Therefore, your site search box should be large enough so that users can easily search on it.  There are some webmasters who mix their search box with other newsletter subscription box and this confuses users. You have to keep these boxes separate from the main search box. The more good experience you provide your users, the more they will come back to your site.

#Rethink search and navigation elements for tablets

Do you think your small texts will make users stay on your site and have a look at your products? No, because if people are not able to see what you are promoting, the features of the products and customer’s reviews, then how will they buy your product? Consider making font sizes and action buttons bigger than what you normally have on your website. Furthermore, use two or three-column rather than using four or five because it will look congested. You need to make your site look classy and easy to navigate.

The bottom line  

These were some effective and important tips that you need to follow for making your website optimized for tablet. Today is the era of mobiles and tablets people spend most of their time using mobiles and tablets so make sure you provide them a good user experience when they visit your website. Don’t forget to implement the above tactics of optimizing websites for tablets. The more you optimize site effectively, the more customers you will get on your site.

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