Let’s talk about Left brain marketing strategy

Marketing is not a narrow concept rather it is a broad one which has includes many styles. In fact, marketers follow different types of marketing styles. Seldom, people prefer to create colourful attractive ads to target audience on a large number. If I take psychology into consideration in marketing, then there is no difference between left and right side of your brain. However, right side of your brain is responsible for creativity, on the other hand left side deals with details and implementation. The left side is analytical and the right side is artistic. So, in B2B marketing, what kind of marketer you are is important to know. Well, I am not here to talk about each brain strategy rather my focus would be solely on left brain marketing strategy.

Are you aware of the concept of left brain strategy? If not, let’s talk about it here.

Left Brain Marketing Strategy

What is left brain marketing strategy?

To be precise, left-brain marketing is considered to be an internal strategy as an outward form of advertising. In fact, left-brain marketing values organization over creativity. Well, left-brain people are logical, organized, and practical, it reflects in both internal procedure and external advertising. This marketing style can bring higher ROI if done properly.

Some characteristics of left-brain marketing:

  • Rational, practical
  • Task-oriented
  • Planning well in advance
  • Fact-based
  • Analytical
  • Looking at some parts rather than the entire concept
  • You have to be math and science –mined person

Let’s move forward and dig deeper into left brain marketing strategy.

Who can practice left-brain marketing?

Well, this marketing strategy is used to create a marketing campaign. You have already read in the definition that this strategy deals with practicality and analytical thinking to be applied in marketing. Suppose, you are into digital marketing and want to promote your goods and services in the market, for this you will work on advertisement, campaigns, and growing your business with this technique only. Moreover, if your business is based on technology then you will naturally fit for left-brain marketing strategy especially those marketers who offer high-end information-technology products. While purchasing these types of products, customers will always focus on quality, efficiency, and dependability of the product.

As a left brain marketer, your focus would be heavily on the products or services. It displays the products which are in use, and shows testimonials from satisfied customers telling why they love it.

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Shouldn’t you talk about the customers who would like this marketing strategy? If yes, just read in the next section below.

How effective this marketing strategy is for your customers?

What kind of customers would love your left-brain marketing strategy? This is the main question here. How your customers will understand the marketing campaign you’re dealing in for selling products? Let me tell you that left brain marketing strategy appeals to left brain consumers. It simply means that men whose brains tend to work on the logical or rational side. There is no doubt that men generally tend to be more task-oriented and here you can apply to left brain marketing to that.

I hope now it’s clear to you whether your product is right fit for left brain marketing or not. Once you analyse, you will get to know what type of customers are right fit for your marketing.

How you can develop a left brain marketing campaign for your business?

The campaign strategy of any brand depends upon its product. There are many other factors that you have to focus on for creating a marketing campaign like data analytics, statistics, accountants, design experts, etc. these will enhance the performance of your marketing campaign when done properly. Well, there are some steps which you need to follow in making your campaign successful. So your first goal is to clearly understand customer needs and wants so that they can relate to the product you are offering to them. You can also use marketing tools to analyse how effectively your campaign is running and the respond you’re getting from customers. This is how you’ll be able to know which marketing resource will work best.

Being a left-brain marketer, your focus should be on customer behaviour, website activity, call center, purchases, email interactions, surveys, and offline observations.

How to measure success in left brain marketing campaign? The success of this marketing depends upon the click an ad gets online, the traffic you get to your website or landing page, how many people used that custom URL appeared in the magazine or newspaper and finally the revenue gained on investment.

Final track

I hope now everything is clear to you about left-brain marketing strategy, right. It is not a critical to understand rather it is very simple if you exactly know the style you want to follow in your marketing. The main goal of every marketer is to fetch more customers to the site and yield high ROI. Now it is up to you whether you’re right fit for left brain marketing strategy or not.

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