Top paid search update to observe in 2020

paid search update

The year 2020 has been the worst year one could ever imagine. The reason you would definitely know. Did you just guess ‘coronavirus’? You’re right guys. The impact of the pandemic could be seen in the marketing sector a lot. Still, marketers adopted lot of methods to keep the pace of their business going on. For example, Pay-per-Click or paid search ads work faster than Search Engine Optimization method. Therefore, paid search has been prominent in the present year amidst covid-19 pandemic. And knowing its impact may help you know how you should adopt paid search for your business in future as well.

No doubt, paid search is an effective marketing strategy but having knowledge about its update throughout the year (2020) would help you continue with it in coming year as well.

Before I talk about the paid search updates, let me first clear you about paid search.

Here we go…

What paid search is?

In the marketing sector, paid search is the most effective and eminent strategy to acquire rapid, highly targeted, and measurable results. PPC is the most prominent paid search model in the history of digital marketing. Basically, advertisers pay the search engine for every click made by customers on their ad. Therefore, a well-optimized ad campaign can rank your site on the top of search results much faster than using SEO to generate traffic and leads.

Wanna know what updates came in 2020 in consideration to paid search? If yes, keep reading below.

Some significant paid search updates to observe in 2020

Just thoroughly read the updates and don’t try to skip.

# Expansion of social media platforms

Paid search is already an advertisement platform but the update that comes in it is integration of social media platforms. As per stats, approx. 3.2 billion social media users are there worldwide; certainly, the numbers are keep increasing with each passing day. Not leveraging social media in PPC campaign will only hurt your marketing efforts. Therefore, this year, the focus has been on social media also because social distancing was to be maintained due to covid-19. Marketers must focus on ads for multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter. Make sure with this update you expand your marketing horizon in 2021 as well.

# More emphasis on brand harmony

Next update comes in paid search is brand harmony. You know that technology is getting advanced and consumers becoming wiser with each passing day. Therefore, majority of marketers aim is to maintain brand harmony in the market. This deals with making an emotional connection with the customers to augment business growth. How does a customer show brand harmony? Here are some indicators for that –

  • When customers refer your brand to others
  • Possibility to choose and stick with the brand
  • Chances of purchasing the brand’s product in any given situation

In order to build connection to your brand, always analyse users’ online behavior and preferences. Therefore, stay connected with them.

# Advertising with Amazon

The third-largest advertising platform is Amazon after Facebook and Google. Studies revealed that advertisers in U.S. alone spend about $4.61 billion on Amazon’s advertising platforms. Its tremendous growth in marketing, paid search has included Amazon as an excellent strategy to target customers who are in purchasing funnel. Therefore, you can prepare Amazon sponsored ads along with paid search advertisement.

# Visual Search

For past two years, visual search has been in trend. Now people search via images than typing a long text in the search query. Today, Instagram, Amazon, Pinterest have shown the value of visual search. This is the reason why paid search update gets more visibility via visual search. If you want to stay ahead of paid search advertisement, just create a photo catalogue of your products and services. The more visual you have on the net, the more you will get the attention of audience.

# Voice Search

Like visual search, voice search has also become prominent in digital industry. Well, experts predicted that 50% of searches in 2020 will be done via voice search. It simply means that you must optimize your Google paid search content for voice-enabled queries. Basically, voice search optimization is the process of understanding how users speak when seeking information online. Therefore, voice search is more conversational when you have long keywords to type and want to avoid typing process.

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Final words

If you want to stay on top of paid search on Google then following the updates becomes a necessary concept for you here. You can reach more targeted customers, relevant audiences by adopting paid search updates in the present as well as coming years. Your duty is to keep an eye on new trends, innovations, and developments to get ahead of your competitors. Just partner with Curvearro, which is remarked as a leading digital marketing agency by SearchGnext in 2020.

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