Top 7 Psychological Marketing Tips to Control Customers Mind

When marketing it is important to know what’s going on in the mind of your customers. Knowing and reading the minds of customers help you sell them products. Here customers mind becomes a marketing tool as it is a core of successful marketing strategy. Let me tell you that without knowing your customers mind you can’t successfully run your business. Whether you’re into digital marketing or traditional marketing, you have to understand human behavior, how people think and act. Therefore, if you want to successfully run your marketing campaign you need to leverage some psychological marketing tips to control customers mind for your products.

This article enlists top 7 psychological marketing tips to control customers mind. Just read every mentioned tip thoroughly to apply in your marketing strategy. So let’s now jump in right now.

Follow the top 7 psychological marketing tips to control customers mind

psychological marketing

1. Create FOMO feeling

The first psychological marketing tip you can use to control customers mind is creation of FOMO feeling in customers. What does it really mean? FOMO stands for fear of missing out. If a product is of good quality no one literally wants to miss it out! If you use this tactic, it will inspire impulse purchase, which also shows a simple perception of scarcity of products or resources. You can use some elements of FOMO marketing by asking customers to:

  • Get it now!
  • Buy now!
  • Subscribe today!
  • Hurry up!
  • Only few are left!
  • View now!
  • Show now!
  • Try it now!

There are many more elements you can use to create FOMO feeling in customers. You can set deadlines, limited number orders, and many more.

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2. The necessity of image

Images and videos have become a necessity in today’s marketing arena. Why I am saying so is because people remember 80% of what they see and just 20% of what they read. Therefore, the power of an image is hard to neglect in any case. So if you’re not including images of your products on eCommerce websites, you won’t be able to give a boost in your sales. If you don’t believe then let me tell you that 38% of people will leave a website if they find anything unattractive or difficult to navigate. As per Google, 53% of mobile users abandon sites that take over 3 seconds to load. Therefore, try to include quality photos, call to action button, etc. for your target audience.

3. Offer them discounts and gifts

Who doesn’t like gifts or discounts? We all love discounts or gifts and this is the one thing which enables us to make impulsive purchase. Try to give your audiences or customers gift. Well, the gift you offer doesn’t have to be expensive either. But it should be worth enough to use. In fact, attractive gifts encourage your audience to convert into your potential customers. Don’t forget that freebie is a great physiological trick to control your customers mind.  

4. Stop giving too many choices

We often get confused when we see so many choices are given to us to make a choice from, right. This actually makes a decision kinda stressful. Not only for us, but also for your customers. As a marketer, decision making is a stressful process, which can have a negative impact on a person’s mood. Thereby, your potential customer will bounce before making a purchase. That’s why you have to create a limited number of options that you offer to your customers. Sometimes offering a single choice is the best thing to do.

5. The psychology behind colors

Colours play a huge role in making subconscious decision and a lot of people claim colours generally show different personality traits such as:

  • Red creates an emotion of urgency
  • Pink generally associated with girls and blue for boys.
  • Women usually prefer soft & soothing shades
  • Black is seen as luxurious or expensive
  • Orange is best for getting call-to-action
  • Blue builds trust
  • Males prefers bright & statics tints
  • Red, orange, light blue, and black are for impulsive buyers

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6. Create a bandwagon effect

Bandwagon means become a part of part of trend. And this you can use as a psychological effect for your customers. As a marketer, you should have an idea of how many people have been using your products or services and persuade other people to jump on the bandwagon. We human innately want to be a part of the trends and things that other people are doing. This is actually a great way to get more customers to your doors.

7. The emotional message

The last but not the least psychological tip is creating an emotional message. In present world, emotion wins over intellect. The best and most valuable rules for consumer behaviour in psychology are that people respond better to emotional appeals than intellectual ones. You have to create emotional marketing campaign that can relate to your customers. It is very important to tell people how a product or service can benefit their life in a more meaningful way rather than showing them a list of features.

The bottom line

Psychology is a deep study to understand what’s going on in human mind. Leveraging the power of psychology in marketing will help you achieve your marketing goals. Now that you have emotional marketing tips, make sure you follow them in your marketing strategy and control your customers mind for making a buying decision. If you want to read more such interesting articles on marketing then subscribe to our website.