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Bing is Testing Mouse over Favicons in Search Result Snippets

Microsoft bing

Whenever you search anything on Google, you hover the cursor over different search results that appear on the page, right. You all know that Google shows favicons with each search result snippets over the title. What about users using Bing as their search engine? Do they get to see any favicon icon in search results […]

Top 5 types of content that can dominate “Position 0”

Types of Content

Hello folks, in my previous article I talked about ‘Position 0’ or ‘featured snippets.’ Today, getting a rank on featured snippets is very important because Google gives them importance. If you search anything on Google, it will programmatically detect the pages and displays the best accurate search query in the featured snippets that appears above […]

An unconfirmed Google search ranking algorithm update noticed, what is it?

Google search ranking algorithm update

The SEO and digital marketing industry have been talking about the Google search ranking algorithm update. Well, it is not a new matter to look over but right now the updates SEOs and digital marketers are talking about are unconfirmed. You all know Google makes thousands of algorithm updates every month of the year. At […]