Google core update for Dec 2020 has been completed now

So guys do you remember the December core update which I recently talked about in one of my articles? If you remember Google introduced core update on 3 Dec, 2020, right. This was a third big update of the year after January core update and May core update. But hold on a second here. Was this a complete update which Google released? No, in my previous article I told you that the update had not fully rolled out as the company was still working on it. Now if I am talking again about this update you can guess what would have happened. Well, it is kinda clear from the title of the article that December 2020 core update has been completed now.

December 2020 core update

Since the update is completed, some changes might have taken place, right. Curious to know what exactly introduced in the complete update? Yes, keep your eyeballs here and read the article without skipping.

Let’s jump in.

Google fully rolled out the December 2020 core update

On 17th December, Google made an announcement telling webmasters that the company has fully rolled out the December 2020 core update. On Twitter Google said, “The December 2020 Core Update rollout is complete.” This announcement about the update came two weeks back on December 3rd and the official tweet from Google has confirmed that it may take two weeks to fully roll out the update.

What exactly the December core update is? Like all core updates, this is also a global core update and is not specific to any region, language, or category of web series. It is a classic “broad core update” that Google releases every few months or so. According to SEO community, this is a biggest core update of the year. Many webmasters saw positive and negative impact signs of gain or decline of 10% to over 100% of their previous levels of organic search traffic.

Let’s move forward and talk more about this update below.

What changes webmasters saw with the launch of this update?  

There is no doubt that whenever Google introduces core update digital marketing sector for sure witness changes both negatively and positively. And this update has literally created turbulence in search results. This simply means that many websites might have noticed significant changes in the organic traffic trend. If you’re operating a website, you might have also seen some kind of changes in your site, right.

So if you’re seeing positive changes then there is no problem at all. But what if you see negative changes occurring to your site? What exactly you should do then? Wanna know what Google suggest you to do? Read the next section below.

If you’re negatively hit by the update, follow Google’s suggestions given below

Don’t panic guys, Google takes care of everyone. If the company has launched something and you’re hit by it then you’re also provided with the solution. Likewise for December 2020 core update; Google has given advice on what you should consider if you’re negatively impacted by a core in this past. Google says there isn’t specific action you need to take place. The company says if your site is negatively impacted by the update then it may not signal anything is wrong with your pages. Since the update is fully rolled out now you can check whether your site is impacted or not and then decide on necessary course of action. Now it is up to you whether you want to keep your site as it is or follow the instructions of Google.

However, one question which comes in the mind of every webmaster is:

Do we really need to care about the core update?

The one word answer to this question is “Yes.” If you’re operating a website, then you have to look at the changes or updates taking place every month. No matter what you just can’t ignore the Google core updates because these core updates are broad, wide and cover a lot of overall quality issues. So guys, now the update has fully rolled out, it is your time to dig into your analytics and data and then decide on what next steps you need to take for the websites you manage.

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Final words

So this was all about December 2020 core update. I hope now you have fully understood the update and what changes you could see with this update. Well, there is nothing to worry as Google has already given you suggestions that you need to follow if you see any negative changes. In case, you have any query regarding this update you can contact us and meanwhile check out our work.

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