Now Google gives you the option to create an app without coding!

We all use applications on our mobile phones, right. There are some mobile apps that are highly proficient and we like the most while operating them. And some apps are so degrading that we feel like creating our own version of the app, correct. But coding skills, techniques, and JAVA language are must require for building an app. This is what you generally think. What if I say you can create an app without coding skills? Sounds interesting no? Yes guys, Google now gives you an option to create an app without coding.

Google gives you the option to create an app

How many of you are willing to create your own app? I am sure many of you would want to. So make sure not to skip this article as I am going to provide you a detailed analysis of app creation with the options Google released.

Let’s jump into the pool below.

Google released an option to create app without coding skills

In the month of October, Google has announced a new feature to its Workplace interface, which will allow you to create an app without coding skills. Basically, Google bundled all its productivity tools and other services under Google Workspace. Under this tool, Google released a new feature within a month that allows users to create an app without having to employ any coding skills. Moreover, you will also get to learn how to code. This actually adds glory to building your app skills.

Do you know the name of the tool which helps you create an app? It’s an AppSheet tool. Let me give you a brief overview of the AppSheet tool below.

Google’s AppSheet Tool – Let’s Understand the concept

As you already know that AppSheet is Google’s tool, but what is the unique thing about this tool? Let me tell you that AppSheet is not just a tool rather it’s Google Cloud’s no-code development platform that is designed to let anyone create a powerful app without any requirement to write any single line of code. Any novice or inexperienced user can easily use this tool to create an app rather than finding someone to create an app for you. So yes, this tool enables users to create their own applications using AppSheet directly from Google Sheets.

Where you can access the AppSheet tool? Well, Google has added Google AppSheet to the Google Workspace bundle. So when you access the interface of Google Workspace, you will see AppSheet along with other tools and services.

What is the exact purpose of Google to launch AppSheet tool feature?

You all know that whatever Google does, there is always a reason for that. With AppSheet cloud’s no-code development platform, Google aims to eliminate the hassle of learning or finding someone to code, develop, and fix an app. So this could be the purpose of Google to release the AppSheet tool feature in Google Workspace.

Let’s move further and talk about the creation of an app with AppSheet tool.

Follow the ways to develop an app with AppSheet tool

The tool is available in the Workspace; any user can create his own app by accessing the feature AppSheet. Let’s start now.

  • First, visit Google Sheet to open the AppSheet tool.
  • Now open a Sheet and search for ‘Open in AppSheet.’
  • You will find this open available under the ‘Tools’ section.
  • Then you need to create an AppSheet account.
  • This time is to start creating an app, and the coding parts, creating a prototype app; data structure will be managed by AppSheet.
  • For the new application, the data in the sheet will work as the source of data.
  • Now the AppSheet will detect the type of data connected automatically and will create an interface.
  • Once the prototype is created, you can easily modify the app.
  • Finally, you will see the option of installing the app on mobile, and afterward, the update will be made.

These above are the steps that allow you to create an app. Additionally, to show real-time data, users can add dashboards, barcodes to scan, and email to receive automatic notifications. AppSheet allows you to create and type of app from managing the customer’s order to a safety app.

In a blog post, Google said, “There are plenty of possibilities to explore, especially since AppSheet integrates with other handy tools like Google Calendar, Maps, and more.”

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Let’s move a little further and talk about Google Workplace.

G Suite got its new name as Google Workspace

Yes, guys, you read it right Google Workspace is a new name for G Suite (a name adopted in 2016). This is a package of service which includes Google’s email, documents, and video chat now called Google Workspace. The tech giant has renamed its bundle of productivity tools and adding more features, another effort to recruit corporate customers for the company’s cloud business.

Let me tell you guys that Google has frequently shifted the names and strategies for its productivity services competing with Microsoft Corp. and other enterprise software companies.   

Let’s come to the conclusion

AppSheet is a great tool that Google launched in Google Workspace. Now users have the option to easily create an app without having to learn any kind of coding language. The need to call a developer is no more required since the AppSheet tool is launched in Google Workspace. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and create your own app with the AppSheet tool.

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