Now Google gives you the option to create an app without coding!

Google gives you the option to create an app

We all use applications on our mobile phones, right. There are some mobile apps that are highly proficient and we like the most while operating them. And some apps are so degrading that we feel like creating our own version of the app, correct. But coding skills, techniques, and JAVA language are must require for […]

How retail looks in future with AI?

artificial intelligence is the future of retail industry

Retail industry is a fast – growing sector. However, getting success in this industry is not a cup of tea; one has to keep up with technology. Technologies play a great role in retail industry and if we look at the technologies then Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the important one. Evidences show that artificial intelligence […]

Top 10 Mobile Marketing Strategies You Should Follow.

Mobile Marketing

The world of marketing is in a constant state of flux. The rapid increase on the internet has changed the idea of digital marketing for small as well as big businesses. Digital marketers are endeavoring to change their online presence. Furthermore, the upsurge in mobile devices is set to take your mobile marketing strategy to […]