What is Google’s key moment feature and how it works?

Mostly when we saw video we find something important within the video. In videos from starting to end all information may useful for video creator but not for viewers. Viewers only want to see those parts which are useful for them. Also at starting videos contain ads, likes and subscription request and intro and we all want to jump directly on what we are looking for that is key moment.

Now Google has solution of this problem. Recently Google released a feature called ‘Key Moment’ aka ‘in this video’. Let’s move ahead and try to know what it is exactly and how we can take the advantage of this feature.

What is ‘Key Moment’ from Google?

Key moment is the feature which is launched last month. In this, video has been divided in different sections. Now you can go with your choice and start watching whatever you want within the video right from there. It also offers you to check important highlights of video. According to Google Search product manager Prashant Baheti “Just like we’ve worked to make other types of information more easily accessible, we’re developing new ways to understand and organize video content in Search to make it more useful for you”.

Now, when you search on Google for videos, documentaries or anything you can see the timestamp just below the video given by creator. Not only timestamp, related link is also available to give you amazing experience. Jump directly on link and watch your key moment of video.

How can we take advantage of Key Moments Features?

# For Viewers

Suppose you are looking for a video on some important, for this you have to see almost whole videos. If after doing so you will not get the information you are looking for then it will not only irritates you also waste your time. But ‘Key Moments’ not only tell you about the information present in it also it allows you to skip those sections which contains less or no importance for you.

# For Video Creators

If you are into digital marketing then you can use this feature as an SEO strategy. This will increase the number of views as well as boost your ranking.

Currently this feature is limited and only available for YouTube. This supports only English language. But very soon Google want to introduce this for another platforms. For this Google has created a survey form for creators to show their interest in providing this feature on another platform. Creators can use this form to show their interest. Here is a twist which is important to discuss. All creators can’t avail this feature. For this there are some criteria to fulfill, kindly take a look below mentioned points:

Some important key points to qualify

  1. No Login should be required when watching videos.
  2. The video must be able to profound link into some point other than the beginning point in the video URL.
  3. Video time duration should be less than 30 minutes
  4. The video must have contained video object structured data.
  5. Ensure that no two clips on a similar video characterized on the same page shared a beginning time.
  6. Creators must have to sure that clip structured data has been added to a page where visitors can watch the video.

Benefits of ‘Key Moment’ Feature

If you are looking for some important video clips and don’t know from where to start. For this you have to watch multiple videos from starting to end. Don’t you think this will irritate and also waste your time. I usually noticed people left watching videos in starting or mid because they get bored. But now the Key Moment has magical effect for creators and viewers too. Let’s try to know how it is beneficial for both.

  • You can get the information faster whatever you are looking for.
  • No need to check whole videos for the important section of video.
  • Available timestamp will help you to check the important highlights and the information available in video.
  • In Key Moments features related links are also mentioned, you can jump directly there.
  • Webmasters can rank their videos after using this in their SEO strategy and boost the no of views.
  • It enhances the user experiences

Take Away

Google is serious about their user’s experience and every minute trying to make it better than before. Key moment feature is one of the example of that shows concern of Google towards their users. Video creator and video viewers both can take the advantage of ‘Key Moment’. Here to do so creators need to fulfill the above mentioned criteria. At present Google invited creators for survey to show their interest in favor of this feature. Google is planning to run this feature also on another platform.

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